Monsieur Hatif de Montmorency plum

I am looking for information on Monsieur Hatif de Montmorency plum tree.
What is the taste of the fruit?
How productive is the tree in PNW?

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Welcome to this forum where you’re bound to find someone with an experience to share!

I have Monsieur Hatif. I’m sure I picked it for its French name, but, quel dommage, it has not been productive. It’s been in the ground about 5+ years and I’ve probably had 2 plums in all those years. I don’t remember the plums being especially fantastique. It’s not out in the open so that might be a factor. That’s not to say that the tree may grow to be productive but, so far, nothing special here.

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Thank you. It may be a reason why there is no much information on Monsieur Hatif de Montmorency tree.
Do you have recommendation for European plum? I am looking for disease resistant, sweet and self-pollinating (preferably) tree.

Lots of Euros do well. I have or have had:
Italian Prune
Imperial Epineuse
Kuban Delight
Monsieur Hatif

My favorites are Opal and Imperial Epineuse. They are in the prune-plum category…sweet and meaty
more than sweet and juicy. They are considered self-fruitful but all plums are more productive with a pollenizer.

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I have space for one tree only. It needs to be self-fruitful, sweet and disease resistant. Which one would you recommend from your list?

Either Opal or Imperial Epineuse. I prefer a prune-plum over a juicy ball. Prune-plums are great for drying once you get to the point where you are overloaded. .

It is good a point about drying plums. Thank you.