Montmorency juice vs fresh

I bought a bottle of pure Montmorency cherry juice from my supermarket and had some fresh cherries on the side. The fresh beat the juice, the juice tasted different from the fresh, why is this? Because the juice wasn’t fresh? Or something else?

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They Probably had to pasteurize it for food safety reasons


That’s probably what happened, to me it tasted like pomegranate in the back of my throat.

That kinds of says it all right there. You got a commodity juice that will be different from all other commodity juices out there, with no reason to expect that it will resemble any particular cherry that has not been molested yet.

Heck if it was a super market cherry I would expect it to be substandard compared to a small orchard cherry.

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Alright it seems like the taste of fruit varies from orchard to orchard as I went cherry picking last week for example and those cherries tasted slightly different than the ones I got today.

Montmorency cherries are pie/tart cherries. It will have a totally different flavor than sweet cherries.

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