More maple observations

It annoys me that the “mature height” for many ornamentals are based on some arbitrary timeframe, like ten years. Acer rubrum in particular.

None of the literature in cultivars like October Glory and Brandywine refer to them as “dwarf” yet nurseries give mature heights of a laughably small 30’ to maybe 50’.

I know of several October Glory trees in particular that are easily 60’. I’ve seen wild trees at closer to 100’.

30’? Please! I know fifteen year old Acer rubrums bigger than that!

It also can vary by place. In the Texas panhandle no tree grows much over forty feet because of climate. What annoys me is that here fall color never arrives. We have to go elsewhere if we want to see reds and yellows.

I’m willing to bet you can’t photograph a 60 foot BRANDYWINE,
nor for that matter find any seeds on one.

No, it’s a male! Plus, I don’t think the cultivar is actually old enough yet to find a specimen that mature.

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Saw my first Brandywine’s in 1999 at Hillcrest Nursery in Richmond, KY…and they were in one gallon pots and they would not sell me one at any price.

So, yeah…good call…for I made a offer to bet that I couldn’t lose. :slight_smile: