More new apple varieties growing at Hocking Hills Orchard


Some other varieties grafted this year out of the 112 new ones for for me 2019. The trees of the first variety listed below grew almost 5 feet this first year which is very unusual for me. Images from the internet and seems to be a theme, Germanic and yellow.

Harberts Renette - Germany. First mentioned in a monastery in 1828 in Westphalia. Described as a medium sized tasty apple with smooth and shiny, but not greasy skin. Greenish yellow in October, later yellow and marbled bright red on the sunny side. The flesh is yellowish-white, juicy and crumbly, with a spicy taste.

Hans Ulrichs Apfel - Switzerland - 1820. Originated in the Zurich canton. Described as a medium sized apple with smooth skin that becomes greasy when stored, is shiny yellow, with occasional rust spots and red streaks. Very fragrant apple with firm, dense flesh that is yellowish white, fine-grained and juicy, the taste is sweet-sour and pleasant.

Krüger’s Dickstiel - Germany. Medium to large fruit has green skin with fine red stripes covering the sun exposed face. Numerous small, dark lenticels are best visible on the shaded face.

Derek Mills
Hocking Hills Orchard at Four Seasons Cabins in SE Ohio. Harberts%20Renette%202