More terrace in France

One of the pictures is a cluster of Reine des Reinettes apples. It was a tip budder this year. I was wondering how to prune them. Instead I’m waiting for the weigh of the apples to bring the branches down to me. Its really working! Ha!


Did you spray something on apricots? skin looks affected.

I don’t spray at all. It is the sun. Some have lots of speckles others have blotches. Same as last year. It looks like brown rot but is not.


You won’t thin any out?

Nice assortment of fruit. Great job!

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Mine looks like yours. I need to plant something to give the fruit some shade.

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I thinned today. I need 50 to make 4-5 pints of jam. The second tree will really help. Also thinned my apples.