Moringa oleifera tree

Anyone here growing it? What is your location and what are your uses?

Anything you would like to add to help others understand its many benefits and how you specifically use it to gain that benefit would be nice.

We have many at our home here is Brandon Fl and I am considering mass planting on my property 2 hrs N of here.

At this point my wife only uses the leaves in soups etc but I plan to broaden our uses of the tree.

Do you know of a similar tree that is a super plant of sorts such as the Neem tree etc?

Tell us about it.



Nice little town–Brandon.

used to grow them in the tropics! They also grow here in las vegas, but will only grow as annuals if not provided heat during winter. The pods(drumsticks), when cooked along with the leaves, are also good eating if harvested young and crisp(snaps into two pieces when bent). You can use it for gumbo, much like you would okra.

while i won’t vouch for its ‘medicinal properties’ yet(even though some have been scientifically determined), i will vouch for its nutritional properties, since those are measurable. And it truly is a ‘super plant’ in this regard. Its leaves are ~8% protein, which is incredible considering that it is a leaf. And it does not end there, because the protein within the leaves provide amino acids essential to humans, which is an extreme rarity because in this department-- not even conventional seeds/grains/beans can boast about this(soybean being the only exception).

i see you’re in 9A in FL. While what i would suggest aren’t trees, you probably might want to consider Egyptian spinach(if you like gumbo), and taro. Both of these have foliage that are nutritional powerhouses. Taro also provides delicious corms(little ‘potatoes’), which actually taste better than potatoes. Taro and Moringa may even prove to be perennials in your area, which would be an added bonus, while Egyptian spinach will self-sow, as the pods will burst to produce lots of volunteers for subsequent springs.
Even more alluring is that taro, moringa, and egyptian spinach don’t need pesticides, which couldn’t be said about most of grocery-store spinach, collards, etc


I’m trying to grow it, but it’s not easy… on winter they die. But i don’t give up…

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Thanks, Moringa is a perennial in Brandon but unfortunatly will not be 2 hrs N in Dunnellon. my plan there is this Growing Moringa in NW Florida - YouTubePreformatted text
The spinach has been suggested to my by someone else and I am going to look into planting this. Taro Im not sure that I have heard of but the same.
Thanks for the suggestions