Morus nigra (Black Mulberry) shrub


Here’s a rooted cutting of a Morus nigra shrub I found yesterday at Walter Andersen Poway. :slight_smile:


Can we ask for little more info? /about source plant/ You mean natural shrub, not tree?


Morus nigra’s natural form is a shrub. It is sometimes grafted on M. alba rootstock and then becomes a large tree.


I’m growing a seedling from Bulgaria. The mother tree is unusual in that it is growing in zone 6. I put the seedling in the garage where it stays above 25F all winter. Once bigger I will graft unto alba and plant out and see how it does.
The original tree in Bulgaria is suffering from a fungal infection.

Run in through Google translate to read. :Language is Bulgarian


Does M. alba survive year-round outdoors in your location? I’m amazed.


I use Morus alba var. tatarica rootstock from Russia. I grow Kokusa Korean, Beautiful Day, Oscar, Silk Hope, Wellington, Geraldi Dwarf Mulberry, and Sweet Lavender. Besides the Stambolian mulberry seedling (Morus nigra). I also forage from local trees. Probably Rubra species. I also forage Paw paws from wild trees.




These nigras are supposed be amazing, a good call to add it. Hope mine survives in the garage? I like to mix them with black raspberries for a syrup. Also great for jam, but I never consume that much. I find myself throwing jars out. With syrups I can add to tea, or cordials, to ice cream, smoothies, and vodka even! Black currant is my favorite. It has such a unique taste. Aurora Honeyberry is really good too. I think because it is a new flavor to me I like it a lot. Raspberries also make a great syrup. I try to consume as many as possible fresh. Harvest on these fruits is so large That I cannot. I just made a smoothie yesterday with Carmine Jewel tart cherries, Indian Free peach with a touch of black currant syrup to sweeten, oh some honey too. It was rather tart still so added honey. man, one of the best smoothies of the year. I have to start writing these combos down. Certain fruits mix well together and often I have leftover amounts and combine them to make a full batch. My syrups are rather tart as I don’t use very much sugar.


I previously had M. nigra on M. alba – which had such monsterous growth in my climate that I removed it. I’m looking forward to having the fruit again in a manageable form.


Sounds like a good idea. In the last 2 years I removed a lot of plants that were not working for me. Growing exactly what I want. I’m set back a touch, but still gettting a lot of fruit, and having a lot of fun. I envy your environment in some ways. I miss being out there. Everything is done till March. Nothing at all to do. Yet honestly by late fall I’m feeling worn out. So the break makes the start fresh in the spring a lot more fun. I do have indoor winter projects.
I’m rooting figs, and growing out pluot and peach seedlings. I planted a strain of golden currant with yellow berries. I have red and black in the yard now. I keep herbs and citrus inside all winter. So I do have some things to do. I’m still collect rain water for indoor use too.


Propagated by DWN in zone 9a, now living in zone 10b. It must be Spring!


I look forward to saying that… in about four months. :confused:


Unfortunately the plant is confused. I’m expecting more overnight temperatures in the upper 30’sF in a few weeks.


As I call it the fig shuffle is in order. Bring it in at night.


I like this term!


Tonight the low is 14F coldest night yet. I have to go out and I’m very sick. I’ll crawl back in bed asap.
I better watch my nigra in the garage! I still need to set thermostat up, Better do it tomorrow. I’m drying some garlic in the garage, the dehydrator should throw enough heat to keep it above 25F At least I hope so!


Richard, are we even sure this is a real nigra? Looks too skinny…


Perhaps you are accustom to seeing it grafted on M. alba, the tree?


Are you saying this is a seedling, a cutting or an air-layer of a nigra?


I guess you missed the first post … :slight_smile: