Most disease resistant tomatoes

I really like the grafting tomato topic but I’m a little late in the game to get an early start. What I’m looking for is some varieties you have purchased from places like Home Depot, Lowes, and Walmart that have been the most disease resistant for you. These places already have plants available and I would like to go ahead and get a few and keep them indoors until planting time. All comments are welcome. Thanks, Bill

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Hey @Auburn … the guys at Hoss Tools are in GA… may be similar climate to you.

One OP that they bragged on in this video is yellow pear.

A couple hybrids they bragged on for canning and disease resistance are Bella Rosa and Brick Yard.

I have not grow any of those myself. Big Beef work good for me here in TN… also like Amish paste and sun gold (my favorite cherry) the guys from hoss tools had good things to say about AP and SG too.

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Valencia , a orange tomato ,has been the most disease resistant for me here in West Virginia.
Unsprayed , at the end of the season , the day of fall frost ,it still has all the leaves on it , green healthy looking ,all the way to the ground.
Productive , good flavor , don’t remember any root issues either.
Have been replanting same open pollinated seeds for several years. Recommended !

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Although there are a bunch of hybrids that may be good choices, Big Beef is probably the one you are most likely to find locally that has a good combination of taste and disease resistance.

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I can probably get the Big Beef locally for this year. I have also ordered a few seed for the ones suggested that aren’t available locally.

I’m enjoying seeing your preferences in tomatoes, especially the disease resistant ones. My past selection has been mostly for taste. I have always liked the taste of Celebrity but I have had other varieties given to me that I liked as well but I don’t know what type they were. It’s time that I start learning the pros and cons of different varieties. I see grafting tomatoes in my future.

Celebrity has been very productive here for me. I have heard good reviews on Bela Rosa also. I have also planted Cherokee Purple the last few years and it has done well also, no disease problems. Trying Amelia and 444 Hybrid this year, supposed to be very disease resistant.