Most Unique Complex Unusual flavored apples

I can send you scions this year or next.

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Hi thanks so much next year I would love some as I’ve completely ran out of rootstock this year.

I’ve got a ton of extra from some very obscure ones if you need any…just let me know


Do you mean Arkansas Black?

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You have a Cub foods there? WE had three in our area and they all closed a number of years back. Interesting to see that grocery store name again. I really liked shopping there.

Sure do, it’s probably the most run down grocery store in town, but it’s still there.

Yikes, sorry to hear that. The Cubs stores here were huge!!

Roxbury Russet is good tasting but ugly.

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You need Karmijn!

`Every orchard needs a Limbertwig or two. :grin: Myers Royal and Red Royal are my favorites.


Try to choose ones known to do well in your region and even then, expect a lot of variability. Heirlooms tend to be more site influenced than mainstream commercial varieties for obvious reasons.

Baldwin is the most variable apple I know around here, ranging from excellent to mediocre depending on site and season. In my orchard that range occurs on the same tree.

Here in S. NY my current intensely flavored favorites are Ashmead’s, Spitz, Kind David, Belle de Boskoop, Wickson Crab, Erwin Bauer. Of course, also Goldrush.

On my site, Cox is just too hard to keep healthy and I don’t consider Kidd’s to be particularly intensely flavored- the Red Delicious influence washes it out the same way it does for Gala. That’s not saying it isn’t a good apple and I love a range of sweet and sweet-tart apples that I wouldn’t call “complex and unusual” including Newtown, Spygold, and even Sansa. I guess I assume complex means having an acid wallop with plenty of sugar underneath.

Hudson’s Golden Gem is one of the most unusual apples I grow, but it’s as far from intense as could be. The texture is unique and its pear like, acid-free sweetness is unusual.

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