Movie about Restoring Run Down Apricot Farm

Loved this movie, rents for $4 from Youtube: “Biggest Little Farm”

In a nutshell- farm newbies allow Nature to help restore this farm in unexpected ways that will make you smile and warm your heart. Beautiful cinematography. Film won a ton of awards a couple years ago.


Sounds like good one for the family … most movies are swill nowadays.


There is some death in it- coyote, a lamb, chickens attacked by coyote.

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I’ll bet no more than Roadrunner and wylie coyote movies of old…
@hambone you have to learn about death sooner or later…there’s probably no better way than growing up on a farm and witnessing a fox catch chickens or a groundhog eat a prized melon or something…


Oh I agree but just wanted to give you a heads up, since you mentioned family friendly, not knowing age of your kids, or what you want them to see, etc.

Understand…but I have a ‘kid’ who does nutrition planning for old folks in assisted living so death isn’t foreign in those places.

But, I figured you be talking to a larger audience than me anyhow.

Somewhat related, teaching a young kid to hunt and fish is a great way
to introduce death to the child.

By the way, this kid of mine about age 6 went to the beehive…I being distrcted in a Sunday afternoon horeshoe pitching game…and caught herself a male bee and brought it to show us…all the while wearing a satisfied smile at what she’d done…
(male bees have no stingers).

OK…so somebody can get us back to the Apricot Farm now.

Ive seen this a few times and have turned a few friends onto it. Basically every problem has a solution, every solution creates a problem…etc. Cycle of life. I think we have all seen it on our own growings.

Basically soil was dead…land was dead… with biodiversity a couple (and investors) turned this old farm into an oasis of life.

Good stuff.

I really liked Clarkson’s Farm as well. Jeremy Clarkson Farms…and fails as most of us do but all around a good show.

Another good one is The Permaculture Orchard: Beyond Organic - very motivational and why i decided to have my own orchard.

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