Moving to a new house

So we are moving to a new house. The good news is that we obviously love the new house and we will all have a lot more space, both inside and out, but the downside is that I have to leave behind all my gardens and trees. Other than a couple very small peaches I planted this spring none of my plants are small enough to be moved.

This time around (other than the aforementioned peaches) I hope to plant mostly very low maintenance fruit and nuts. My list right now is…

One astringent and one non-astringent persimmon. In addition to good quality fruit I want an ornamental tree and nice fall foliage.

Ichi Ki Kei Jiro

I hope to plant two pomegranates, one I am confident will work and one long-shot with soft seeds.

Nikitskii Ranii
+??? has anyone successfully grown a soft-seeded variety in 7a ?

I want to plant one or two Jujubes.

Honey Jar
Sugar Cane?

I will plant a couple apples. CAR is a major concern so resistance is important.

Arkansas Black
Enterprise or Liberty?

Pecans… has anyone successfully grown pecans in northern VA? It appears possible with the right variety.

Major? Hark?

I will probably also plant some blight resistant hazelnuts, and a few paw paws.


congrats on your new house Mike! yeah it bites leaving behind all your hard work but at least you can start anew with the knowledge of what didn’t work in the past and now have access to new and improved cultivars. I’m sure whoever buys your old place will appreciate all you left behind. maybe leave them a map listing all the locations/ names of the fruits you planted. good luck!

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Talk about the bad and the good of a situation!! Moose had it right… leaving you plants/trees behind is very hard. But…the new possibilities… HOW FUN!

Where I live, I don’t think most of those plants are a possibility so I got no advise…other than… have fun on your new adventure!

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Thank you, yes I have learned a lot and I will leave behind a map for whoever buys our current house.

A few random things I have learned.

Gooseberries and jostaberries grew acceptably in a mostly shady spot, but I don’t like either much.

Of the Japanese plums, only “Early Golden” was a standout success for me. I got a huge volume of high quality plums from this tree, while Satsuma, Ruby Queen, and Nadia produced little to nothing.

Bush cherries were another huge success. (and while I left them off my list above I will surely plant a few Juliets at the new house) These took little space or care and produced wonderfully. Mine did occasionally have whole trunks simply die for reasons I was never able to figure out.

Apples… Goldrush was the best for me and my family love them. I am trying to stay away from CAR vulnerable apples at the new house because it is practically ringed by cedar trees, but I will still be tempted to plant Goldrush again.

Beach plums were a big success. The rewarded no care whatsoever with large crops of tiny plums that made good jam. I might plant these again but they don’t offer much interest for fresh eating.

Kiwis were a total bust, not because they wouldn’t grow but because I got a mislabeled male, leaving me with two males.

Muscadines grew fine but I just don’t like them that much. I might plant a seedless variety along a sunny patch of fence at the new house.

Congratulations! Good luck with all the new plantings and I hope you are able to get everything there that you want!