Mozilla/Firefox crashes

I’ve been experiencing a number of crashes using Mozilla/Firefox
on this site. Is anyone else having the same problem?



I use Firefox and haven’t had any issues. I’m running Windows 10 for an operating system.

My computer was super powerful in it’s day it’s 7 years old now, running Windows ME! Firefox though does not crash. Remove and reinstall.

No problem with Firefox on a Mac.

First clear the cache and cookies, and if that doesn’t fix it remove and reinstall like Drew suggests. Browsers are complex tools and its easy to get corrupted data in there somewhere.

May I suggest this free program:

We also run Malwarebites and Spywareblaster, also free, in addition to a standard anti-virus program.

Thanks everyone for all of the suggestions. Firefox is supposed to update
automatically, but for some reason, mine failed to do so. So I manually
updated it and the problem has stopped.

Cool! Yeah as Scott says sometimes corrupt files are to blame. I should have thought of updating too.