Mulberry Breaking Dormancy

My Pakistan mulberry’s buds have started to green which is obviously way too early! It’s been so warm the last few weeks, we had almost 70 yesterday. Thankfully we are getting 34 tonight and around 30 in a couple of days. My question is will these buds that are starting to green die when exposed to frost? I want fruit and I don’t know if there is a point of no return on the buds?


Where are you?

Buds at that stage will take some frost. But they grow pretty rapidly and are likely to be killed in February.

If you were in FL you’d probably be OK. In VA probably not.

That’s the issue with mulberries here. They leaf out too soon and get frozen back nearly every year.


Thanks, I’ll leave it out for now in that case. Last year it was fine waking up in March, but you are right, mulberries of this type are so sensitive to just a few warm days.

Southeast VA.

My hazelnut bushes are also leafing out and I am in zone 5. It is actually surprising me that some plants are coming out this early when my last frost is in May and we have had below freezing nights most nights since December.


You might try putting it on the north side of your house… out of sunlight… that might slow it down some.

Good luck.


Thanks, that’s where I plan to plant it in the Spring to try and use the microclimate.

That’s crazy early!

I’ve had it against the north wall for the last few days. Finally got a frost, but it just warmed up again. So far so good, but looking at the temperatures for the coming two weeks it’s inevitably going to open. I’ll just have to do a shuffle from in and out of the garage, my greenhouse isn’t tall enough.

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