Mulberry Galicija 1

My 3-year old tree is slowly getting into production. I expect it to be even more productive with larger fruit as it ages. This top mulberry is called Galicija 1 and was bred in Ukraine by G.I. Babaeva. Very large leaves and delicious fruits. Should form a medium sized tree.


Wow that sucker is loaded. What’s the cold hardiness on that?

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Great photos and info on this mulberry selection. Do you know if your tree is grafted or on its own roots? If so, is it a medium sized tree because of the rootstock or the cultivar?

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The tree is grafted, but the cuttings root readily. The size of the tree according to the originator should be medium.

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@Harbin … in your zone 7a… what is your average low tremps for your winters… and how would you describe your summers (mine are hot and humid).

The fruit on your tree are impressive for sure. I am a mulberry fan myself… but so far only have gerardi dwarf… but plan to add silk hope and perhaps others too.

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Our summers are hot and dry with occasional showers and thunderstorm. Winter lows around -14 C recently.

I have that also in Finland, first year it is starting to bear fruit on all branches, right now. Not that much yet, but I bet on following years it will. We have had colder winters than -14 , let us say -20 Celsius, and with some drying of the tops. L. I. Prokazin says that it is to be excpected and even normal on this cultivar. I’d like to hear it tested in Canada!