Multi-graft Apple

Does anyone else have a multi-graft apple tree (Red Fuji, Gordon, Dorsett Golden, Anna)? Mine has been in the ground since Fall. The smallest, most slender of the grafts, has buds that are just starting to swell (the largest, Dorsett and Anna, have flowered weeks ago), which is great. The Red Fuji, although a large, robust-looking graft, has very anemic looking little stubs for branches - without buds - and only one bud at the very top of the graft, higher than I believe I want the scaffold branches to start.
First, is this what I should expect as far as the order of the varieties appearing and their dominance so far?
Secondly, can I force that Red Fuji to branch lower be pruning it back below that solitary bud at the top? Would you recommend this?

Have this exact combination. I wouldnt purchase it again. Planted in 2011. Anna apple and dorsett are the dominant varieties. Very productive varieties. Gordan and fuji have failed to produce even one apple. They also grow very slowly compared to the other two varieties. It might be that a neighbors tree shades the tree in the evening. Im thinking of top working it or just replacing it.

I have my own multigraft apple using Dorsett as the base. Over the last two seasons I’ve grafted several varieties to it. Red Fuji, Roxbury Russet, Pink Lady, King David and Wickson. The King David and Wickson grafts are new. The Red Fuji and Roxbury are from last year. The Dorsett itself started flowering more than a month ago and I already have the start of some fruit. Neither the Red Fuji or the Roxbury are showing any signs of leafing yet. Not sure if that is a result of them being higher chill or not. As @goyo suggested the Doresett is pretty dominant.