Multi Peach help me choose

2 years ago I had my decided to get a multi bud peach, then raintree’s trees failed two years in a row. So I asked for help and someone suggested Bay laurel and I just placed my order 10 minutes ago. Then I researched the root stock and decided Nemaguard just might not be right for Zone 7. Sure some people advertise it to zone 7 but my first year in this house had 3+ feet of snow. So its back to the drawing board for me.

My quick research turns up one source.

  1. Cold Hardy Peaches, 3:1 Tree On Citation
    Possible Varieties: Cresthaven, Frost, Gleason Early Elberta, Veteran and Redhaven
  2. Peach Leaf Curl 3:1 Tree, On Lovell;
    Possible Varieties: Frost, Q-1-8, Indian Free, and Muir.
  3. Cold Hardy “Fruit Salad” 3:1 Tree On Citation
    Possible Varieties: Harcot Apricot, Harko Nectarine, Polly Peach, Harken Peach, and Superior Plum.

Help! Cant decide

Citation root stock doesn’t produce much growth for Peach.Seems fine for Plums though.
So,I’d pick number 2 out of your list. Brady

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Your profile doesn’t show your location, so it’s hard to give advice.

Generally speaking Nemaguard is not recommended for the Southeast.

Some have expressed Citation doesn’t do well in dry climates like California. I once grew one peach on Citation and didn’t like it here in the Midwest.

Like Brady, I’d probably choose option two, but note that some of those varieties could have problems if you are located in an area which receives heavy summer rains.

There are some disadvantages to ordering multi-variety trees. If possible, I prefer the idea of ordering single variety trees, even if you were to have to crowd them.


Northern NJ. Zone 7. Heavy summer rains are a thing here, but the grown drains exceptionally well into our basement. Crowding also his its issues with airflow. So I am Multi graft all the way. This will be the first year in the ground for my 4:1 pulots they are growing on Citation, no growth problems but they have never had a winter either. Maybe its best to hedge my bet and go with the lovell root stock.

thanks I have plums on citation, maybe its not good to trust everything to one root stock either.

Just as an fyi, there is no difference in airflow b/t multi-grafted trees vs. trees planted in close quarters. It really depends on how they are pruned.

Lovell would be the best but besides Indian Free I don’t know how good the other two peaches are. Citation is good for most people and its been fine for me. It seems to have a few soil types it dislikes but seeing as how your plum is doing well you are probably OK. So, I would go with the Citation to get more possibilities of varieties.

2 Likes website has been down for a day. While I am sure it must be a technical glitch. Does anyone know another source shiping multibud peaches?

Its up for me … sounds like it may be something in-between.

I wonder if my wife has taken to blocking my garden stores.


Clear your browser cache - groworganic will work again. Or use a different browser - my favorite is Opera but they are all good - Chrome, Edge, Internet Explorer.

thanks I finally got back in. I would have sworn it was my wifes doing.

My Peach tree arrived. In January the day before the snow and two days before the -5 degree weather. What am I supposed to do now? So far I just closed the box back up and put it in the unheated garage.

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At this stage you should pot it up with dirt, peat, perlite, sawdust, or whatever combo of media you can muster. Punch holes in pot. Water thoroughly, then put in cool basement. After drying out a little, it can be left in cool dark basement or cold dark garage/shed until the extreme cold is gone… or until early spring. Plant before it breaks dormancy. Keep away from warm areas until spring. If kept inside, put in a dark place.


I have these two planted last year and doing ok bought from same place
Cold Hardy Peaches1, 3:1 Tree On Citation
Cold Hardy “Fruit Salad”1 3:1 Tree On Citation
This is how I kept these in my unheated garage for about 20 days. It is just plain peat moss just slightly wet

I Planted these in Feb last year and did fine and even got two peaches from them. Good luck with your new trees.