Multigrafting pawpaw

Hi all,

I have three 3 year old pawpaw seedlings which I am hoping to mulitgraft into a few varieties. The trees all have a clear central leader and about two or three scaffolds on average. The plan was to graft each of these limbs into a different variety. My worry is, what if the central leader doesn’t take? I don’t want to end up with a lopsided tree. I asked this question in one of the pawpaw Facebook pages and was told to do the central leader graft lower than the other limbs.

The plan has been to use a whip graft for each of the limbs.

Do you all think this will work?

Any advice to ensure a higher percentage of takes is appreciated!

I would graft the side branches first then do the central leader the following year. This way will give the CL to grow a bit more so it will never be lopside.