Musa "Namwa" Banana


Looks delicious!


All gone!


The remnants would make a fine walking stick.


I noticed this flagleaf (half-size leaf) on our Namwa plant today. A flower bud and then fruit will follow.


I love me some banana walnut bread :yum:


Wild banana have 2 set of chromosomes like many things and seeds like rock hard pepper corns. Seedless banana have 3 sets. Like Strawberry’s, bananas self clone growing new stalks from there central root called a crom and growing new croms that break off like cloves of garlic. It also a gigantic herb not a tree.


The wild seeded M. accuminata (A) and M. balbisiana (B) are monoploids. Some biploids are seeded but there are naturally occurring AA hybrids which are not. These are thought to have originated in river valleys of Burma. There are also triploids, quadraploids, and pentaploids developed in breeding programs around the world; eg., AAA, AAB, AABA, AAABA.

Strawberries are dicots whereas Bananas are monocots. Also, strawberry runners are normal above ground branches that develop root tips whereas bananas grow from a type of bulb called a corm and send out underground rhizomes which then develop new underground corms – sometimes adjacent to the “mother” corm but often a foot or more away.


Will these ripen through the winter for you Richard? Here they grind to a halt until the following spring.


They won’t ripen during our winter - esp. if it is long and wet. My experience is they will be ready sometime between May and August.


Congrats Richard! well the timing is a little better then your last December bloom…??




The bud emerges.



These are all fabulous pictures of your wonderful banana trees. Years Ago when I lived in Puerto Rico, we had tiny bananas the size of your fingers. They were either red or yellow. On very rare occasions we’ll have them in our supermarket. They were so sweet and delicious! Your bananas are great! Thanks.


Namwa flower bud descending

Support straps


Don’t laugh, but I tried growing bananas in my New York apartment. I had great luck with white strelitzia and beautiful bird of paradise. I brought orchids from Hawaii. I had over 50 in my dining room and a small Traveller palm. To make it all as authentic as possible (14 stories in the sky) I had the lava rocks shipped in as well. Worked for years, except for yes, we have no bananas!


My Dwarf Brazilian Banana…


Here’s my “wild” banana of unknown variety…should see a flower in the next week or so…


Have they fruited for you in the past? Does it have seeds?


If you mean mine, yes they have fruited, but I was never able to get them to properly ripen…don’t think I left them on the tree long enough. I don’t recall them having seeds.