Muscadine, Asian Pear and Paw Paw fruit heaven

This dry summer is so good for my fruits. They are very sweet. I can’t detect the difference in flavor for my paw paw. Even my seedling taste just as good. It is just 1/2 the size. Asian pear Korean Giant is so good. So much better than a $3 store bought asian pear. Muscadine is my favorite fruits and they knock my socks off this season. Even the self fertile Triumph was amazing. Black Beauty, Darlene and Late Fry is phenomenal. Here are my harvest.


Any chance you could post a photo showing how your whole muscadine vine and trellis looks like? Seeing posts like these makes me really want to grow my own but I’m not sure I can find any additional space in my yard for them. Are muscadines happy in a parly shaded location?

After seeing this post I’m thinking of taking a trip to an Asian grocery store near me that sells them to satisfy my cravings.

You can find them in walmart and harris teeter during season. They are very easy to grow.