Muscadine mishap

Bit of a tale here with a request at the bottom:

Wife and I moved into our current house in 2019. Since then I’ve gotten strawberries, paw paws, persimmons, pears, raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, honeyberries, fuzzy kiwis, hardy kiwis, figs, viburnums, and pomegranates into our meager 1/2 acre. As you can imagine, that was an expensive endeavor even when scavenging rootstocks and grafting whenever possible. One of those scavenges was a wild “grape” which now, 2.5 years in, appears to be hearleaf peppervine.

REQUEST: Before throwing my hands in the air in lament: does anyone have a hall or other improved muscadine variety I can attempt grafting to this sucker. On top of that seeds of good varieties (black beauty, oh my, hall, etc) in large qty to overtake my mistake would also be greatly appreciated in case effort one -very likely- fails.

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I have read about attempts to graft bunch grape on Ampelopsis, with zero success. I doubt anyone has ever tried muscadine.

Forging Texas has a recipe to eat them

Yes they have calcium Oxalate

I never heard of removing it that way

I know trillium or green dragon has calcium oxalate
First hand
Taste good I didn’t swallow , but also like fiber glass on my tongue for a few hours.

I also know taro root has it, and people in Hawaii cook it out
(as well as skunk cabbage has it in roots which I have not cooked yet.)

(edit although I must say
My Neighbor that passed away has green dragon (trillium) (by full sun)
I decided to try again very quickly ,
but that time no burn did not investigate farther
It was only a little lick )

I do have to warn make sure you know what your doing
do not wing it

Calcium oxalate can swell the throat making your throat valve constricted shut
you may not be able to breath

I think Forger Texas is good though
if it is only a mild irritating feeling

I was talking more so then plants with high concentrations like taro or skunk cabbage roots)

@Chonas. Grafting muscadines to muscadines can be difficult but is possible. I suggest ordering you a Hall. It is one of my family favorites. Hall as you know is self fertiles and can produce a large crop in its third year.