Muscadine problem?

I am new at growing muscadines plants have been in for 2 years. This year they have just started coming out. On the main vine from the ground up about 8" the vine looks wet then in several small places on the vine it looks wet. I have checked good to make sure there is no borers. I was wondering if the plant is pushing so hard it is causing this strange look. this is happening on 3 different vines but not all of my vines. Any advice are help will be appreciated.

John am I correct in my assumption that the wet area is not from pruning cuts. I grew muscadines for several years and this only happened on my vines after pruning. If this is not the cause maybe someone else can advise. Best of luck with this issue. Bill

I have not done any pruning since the middle of winter. This just looks really wired. I sure hope nothing is wrong.

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Its leaking sap. Look where the sap is coming from, sometimes the vines split in spots over the winter and it could be a leaking from that. Its likely not a problem but if it split badly in a lot of places it could set the plant back.


John. If you could post a close up picture of the area someone might have had the same issue thus help with advise. I kept my vines about 5 years and they produced several 5 gallon containers full each year. Hope someone can help. Bill

I will see if I can get a good picture. Will post first thing in the morning weather permitting. Thanks

today I could see water dripping from some of the spots. We have had a lot of rain so far this spring. The last was 4" in a 4 day period a week ago Now I am going to see if I can post pic.

Its hard to tell but at the base of the middle shoot there might be an area leaking sap.

The vine itself looks to be in great condition, almost surely nothing to worry about here. Muscadines and kiwis are both very prone to dripping sap in spring.


The vines look grate. I just have never seen leaky vines before. Living in the south like I do you watch every thing real close. Things change real quick thanks for the advice. I will just keep watching!!!

anyone in zone6 growing frost hardy muscadines. Any success with getting muscadines?