Muscadine: Trying to cutting bud

In 2019, the cultivation length of muscadine in pot is about 17 feet.

When pruning, only one trunk was left.

Cut buds 40 days before germination

Now every bud on the trunk is basically changing

For reference only:
For the newly planted seedlings, I think if the length is more than 10 feet and only the trunk is left, do not carve 3-5 buds at the top of the branch, and carve the buds at the back, so that the buds below can sprout.

Principle of bud carving:
When the hormones such as cytokinin and gibberellin synthesized by the root tip and the mineral nutrients and water absorbed are transported upward from the xylem, they can block the nutrient transport upward, and make the lower part of the cut bud get enough nutrients. At the same time, because the cut bud is stimulated by the cut, it is beneficial to the germination of the bud.

Key points of cutting buds:
Time of bud carving: from 40 to 20 days before bud carving, bud carving can be carried out without bleeding.
Location: 0.5-1 cm before bud.
Depth: it’s good to break a few threads of xylem. The depth is about 1 mm, and the branches can be as thick as 1.5 mm.
Half the width of the branch.


You T budded all of those? Or was it notched and brought them to live? I am new to this type of thing. Can you elaborate some on it?

It’s also my first attempt. The topic has been supplemented. Please refer to it for reference only

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Sprout neatly, you can see the flowers.

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I can see the flowers clearly


Darlene and other varieties have a lot of flowers.


Very interesting. I’m trying to follow - i’m guessing you might be using an english translator?

Basically, what you’re trying to do is induce buds to sprout at regular intervals along your vine to form your spurs. Correct? This is very clever.

It does look like you cut off some spurs before you induce the buds (you can see spurs along your vines in your first photo. but these all look trimmed back in your second photo). Does inducing buds produce better results?

Timing: i’m not following this 100%. Are you making the cuts in early spring 40 days before buds break/sprout? (you used the word germination, but i think this is a miss-translation). How do you know when the buds would break? Can cutting induce bud sprout anytime during the growing season?

Your vineyard set up is very interesting! It looks very efficient! How far apart are you vines? (looks like many 3-4 feet?).

I can see 5 vines in your first photo. How many vines do you have set up like this?

You mention growing them in pots. Why do you do this? how many gallon size pots?

It’s my first attempt.
A little deeper.

Please provide a fertilizing method. Thank you

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