Muscadines 2020


I have seen the wrap done several ways and I think most work. I started out with a tight wrap all the way down the wire. Then I wraped about every two feet. My last method is to use a minimum wrap about 4’ apart. Other than the wrap my vines hang about 2-3" below the wire supported with synthetic cords. After a couple of years the cord can be removed.


I use ty-raps but only tighten down to about a 2 inch diameter circle. This is more than enough to hold the cane in place while tendrils attach to the wire. I prefer the cane to be suspended below the wire for the simple reason that it makes picking fruit just a tad easier. My trellis is a horizontal 2 wire system 6 feet high. I can mow beneath the vines and pick the fruit standing up. It saves my back a lot of pain.


I’m so glad that @TrilobaTracker asked those questions! I wondered about that too! I started out with Velcro ‘tape’ to keep the vine on the wire. Some of it fell off. Then I switched to the Lusterleaf ‘RapiClip’ soft ties. I like those better. They are easily repositioned and I can carry a few in my pocket when I go out to ‘pinch’ and tie the vines.
The Ison video shows the vine being attached under the wire.
I wondered about twisting it around, as it grew, also. ?
Thanks for all the answers!


My morning walk/hike was at 2100 feet above sea level which is also the highest location in Alabama. I took the trail this morning so I could get a good look at the plants and wildlife. It is amazing how well the wild muscadine grows even in our harshest conditions.


I put an EARLYBIRD order in last night. I ordered a ‘Summit’ and a ‘Pam’.
I keep singing ‘Good Night, Darlene, Good Night’ - in my head! LOL Annoying!


Good luck with those 2!


Lane is slower to ripen than I prefer. I’m ready to eat a few of the crunchy Lane.


Your leaves are such a deep green. Don’t think mine ever get that color :man_shrugging:


I changed my fertilizer routine this year which might be darkening the leaves. All I do now is toss a couple of handfuls of 10-10-10 out about every five weeks for the older vines.


I didn’t fertilize at all the first 2 years. This year I did some ammonium sulfate in May I think. But nothing since.
What is your soil pH? Mine is a little alkaline I believe. Could be a factor.


I have only tested the ph with a cheap meter and it indicated my ph was about 6.7-7.


Before this year I followed the Ison method. Several years ago at another location I had two vines that produced well without any added fertilizer or water.


Bill, my Lane are a bit ahead of yours. I’ve started munching but none are dead ripe now. Good though.

I’ve been doing my mature vines with Ison’s recommendation so this year they got the 3 lbs of 10-10-10 as a single shot in May.

Here’s the one I want to get ripe…Triumph is my favorite.


Kathryn Your Lane looks like they will be ready soon. Just guessing that they are 1.5-2 weeks ahead of mine. Is the Triumph starting to ripen? I have seen other post referring to it being very good.


They aren’t that close. There are a couple in that last photo that look like they are beginning to “turn”. They get pink when they are really ripe.


Here is my Ison. I guess I was wrong about the leaves. They’re a deep green.
image image image


Can I sleep at night without worrying about night invaders? Net on and electric fence below.


Set a trap for your raccoon and dispose of him properly. I’ve also had groundhogs and possums eating mine.


Oh My is starting turn color. The fruit exposed to the sun is ahead of the fruit under leaf cover. Fruit size is somewhat smaller than commercial varieties, more comparable to a nice sized wild muscadine. A large Oh My, as seen in the middle of the last picture, is about the same as a medium sized Late Fry.


They look good to me. I like frozen muscadines and these look like they will be a good size for that use. Thanks and I’m looking forward to your taste assessment.