Muscadines 2020


Oh My follow up. The vine only had a small amount of bloom clusters and the last one dried up and dropped off today so there won’t be any seedless muscadines on my vines this year to taste test. With that said the vine appears to be healthy and reaching the wire end. Sometimes it’s tough waiting another year but we all deal with such and seem to enjoy the anticipation of next year.


I am also hoping to try a few this season.

I was anticipating your Oh My update to be, “Easiest plant ever, fruit set 100%, fruit is amazing.”

I am a few weeks behind you but I am still holding out hope something pollinates.

image image


Never heard of Oh My…off to the interwebs…


Best wishes. Sure would like to get a fruit quality report this year.


Gurneys was carrying them. Seedless muscadine.


I think my problem was the young age of the vine. Weather was okay.


I believe its a patented variety by Garden’s Alive for backyard growers. It’s an expensive plant and has not performed well in my climate from what I understand.

Looks like a great idea and I would love to hear from folks who are doing well with this grape.

Also very interested in hearing from folks doing well with RazzMataz


Thanks, i found it on Gurney’s…not a lot of positive info out there about it, that i saw right-off.


I should have a decent crop on Oh My this year, about the same as my 4 year old Darlene.


Great. Looking forward to hearing your opinions of Oh My.


Anybody having success with Razmatazz? Its another patented variety from the Gardens Alive folks.

I plan to remove most of my apples and put muscadines in their place.

We have moved about 1/4 acre from apples to muscadines so far mostly based on the research for suggested varieties for eating from NCSU

Muscadines look good so far. I was afraid to fertilize as aggressively as Ison’s suggested but once I started throwing the fertilizer to them as suggested they took off


In my opinion this would be a great time for you to add some of these vines but there is insufficient data to support these seedless varieties to be planted in bulk right now. Guess right and you could have a great seller and you know the other side. I think if the Oh My lives up to the advertisement it would be a big seller for people that like muscadines but hate the seed. I also think it could be sold at up to twice the market price of standard muscadines. Of course these are just my opinions and as we know they don’t always work out.


I think most of us who used the ison schedule was concerned but it didn’t take long to see the positive results.


I would try some if they were not so expensive!

The Gardens Alive folks have an interesting history selling organic products but I’m not sure about plant breeding.


A few Oh My grapes. I don’t know when they ripen but they are a good bit behind all my other muscadines. It also broke dormancy later than the others to the point I thought it may have died over the winter.


Darlene - all growth and few grapes


I see fruit everywhere on the Razzmatazz if I’m looking at the right picture!

When do they change color?


Thanks for posting the pictures. Although my interest was in the Oh My it is hard not to notice the heavy load of Razz. As to my knowledge these are the best independent pictures of both. Hope you will update the pictures as they mature. Thanks again. Bill


This Razz picture was taken 7/16 of last year and they will continue to ripen until frost.

If you do a search of Razzmatazz on this site you will find my review of this grape. It is a really small grape but has nice taste. I don’t know if people will pay a premium to make up for the high plant cost. If you do want to get the grape keep checking Gurney’s site for sales. Razz and Oh My were both bought on a substantial discount, I think 50% if I remember correctly.

If you have any specific questions let me know.


Darlene,With what pollination?


These self fertile varieties don’t know when to stop blooming.