Muscadines in containers?

Anyone growing muscadines in pots? Curious if a 15 or 20 gallon pot would work well for 5 years or so.

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I’ll have to let y’all know how this goes. I guess there aren’t too many container grown muscadines.

you could maybe do them in a container, the bigger the better with a plant like muscadines

maybe re-purposing the soil every few years would keep them in perpetuity

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That’s what I used to do with my figs before I put them in ground. Worked out well.

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i grew triumph for the first time this year and liked it alot, good luck

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I don’t know about the long term viability, but they can produce some fruit in pots. Here is one which made a handful of grapes from a 1 gallon pot. I think it may be the same one which made some last winter as well and never really went dormant, as that time it was Feb/March when they ripened. Given how bedraggled it looks, I think I’ll move it outside for a while to finally go dormant. I lost the label, but it is either Supreme or Black Beauty. I have some others in pots which haven’t produced fruit.



did you ever try this? I’ve had some fruit on a couple vines I left in small pots, in the shade, that I barely watered, in 7A for two consecutive years. Thinking about giving it an intentional try in better conditions this year.

I had one potted for a bit. It never fruited. Ended up giving it away since I have 8 others in the ground.