Must have fruit trees for the South

Checking in with those who have some serious summer heat and humidity, what are your must have fruit trees for the South? Particularly interested in apples, pears and (gage) plums?

I am in the midwest but our climate is similar with 100 F + temp and high humidity. I am trying many “southern” apples here. I here are some links that might be helpful:

good luck

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Pears are one of the easier fruits to grow in Texas. Just make sure and get fireblight resistant varieties. Texas A and M website should have a listing of types suited for your area.
Figs should do well as long as they get supplemental watering and are provided a mulch.
Apples are harder to grow. I have only seen a handful of apples trees growing in Texas.
As long as you are willing to spray for plum curculio and brown rot, Peaches and plums are pretty easy to grow. I would estimate that over 90% of the plums are either Japanese or American varieties. I like the red flesh plums the best. AU Rubrum should do well in your area but will need a pollinator such as Santa Rosa or Methley.
Arctic frost is a new variety of Satsuma that A :& M says is hardy to about 10 to 15 degrees and should be able to make it in your area.

Here in NE Florida I’m trying my hand at apples, pear and peach/nectarine.

Apple varieties I’m growing, are Gala, Dorsett Golden, Joy’s apple and Big River. The last two are new additions. The oldest of my trees are right around two years and have yet to produce any fruit.

Pear I have pineapple, leconte and keiffer. they’re about the same age as the apples and I have yet to get any fruit from them either.

I’m also growing citrus, pretty much a no brainer here, flame grapefruit, valencia orange and meyer lemon.

Limbertwigs are well known in the South. I highly recommend Lee Calhoun’s book, Old Southern Apples.

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