My apple chip bud grafts have healed. What now?

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A couple of week ago I did some chip bud apple grafts on G969 rootstock. The grafts all seem to be healing well (I can see brand new scar tissue around all the buds), but my questions is: what now?

All the Youtube videos I can find just show the actual grafting process and don’t really elaborate on what to do after the graft heals. Do I chop off all the rootstock growth above the grafts now that they’ve healed? Or do I wait a while? I’ll also mention that in my area we start getting frost in about a month, as I’m sure that’ll influence everyone’s answers. Thanks in advance for the help!

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There is a good utube describing when and how to notch your chip buds. Just make sure you have a minimum of 3 weeks since you grafted!

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Notching utube:


When i’ve summer chip budded july/aug, almost all buds i’ve placed would stay dormant until next spring. I think one time i had some peach buds that pushed growth after a few weeks.

@warmwxrules So, with your experience in mind, should I leave things as they are and cut the tops off the rootstock in the spring?

I would leave them and prune them back before they leaf out next spring. I budded some peaches about 10 days ago and just leave them.

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