My Backyard Orchard So Far

Minnie Royal Cherry

Double Delight Nectarine

Arctic Star Graft

Kishu Seedless Mandarin

Pink Guava

Hass Avocado

Red Malaysian Guava

Sweet Treat Pluerry

Santa Rosa Plum Grafts

Multi-Graft Plums

Flavor King Pluot Graft

Flavor Grenade Pluot

Granny Smith Apple

Parfianka Pomegranate

Apple Benchgrafts

Giant White Asian Guava

Parfianka Pomegranate

Bonus Dog

Thanks for looking. Put in up pictures is way easier than the other website. It would be perfect if you could rotate and crop directly on the website.


nice trees and the dog. Why the wall is blocked like this? Local fashion?

Very nice Goyo. Especially like the bonus dog. And IL, our housing developments here in S. California use cinder block walls all over the place. In fact, some of our bedroom communities are covered with housing developments all divided up with cinder block walls.

Wow, with such tall wall, no talk to the neighbors, I guess. Here, I can see through the fence and know what my neighbor is BBQing for dinner.

Nice, Goyo! Such a variety in a small space.

I like backyard fortresses for their private personal outdoor space.

I dont think I have ever spoke to any of my neighbors. Scratch that. When I barely moved in one of the neighbors banged on my door to tell me that she would call the police if we lit firecrackers during 4th of july ( it was september). Never spoke to the neighbors since.

Nice. Lucky lucky lucky… stonefruit, citrus and avocados … I’ve noticed those walls in Arizona (not sure where you are located) posts before. Must be cheap and effective. I wish i had one but the freeze/thaw would probably destroy it unless it sunk into the ground 4 feet. A wall like that would make an awesome heat sink (maybe not so good in the desert).

Cool dog. I don’t have a dog, but my neighbors all do and the kids love to visit them (hey…it works for me).

Its in california. The rose bushes that were there when i moved in were alive there som i am hoping the apple trees wont get fried, since the wall does get hot during summer.

I don’t think our local village will allow us to put a wall like this in the property. Everything we do have to go by the village ordinance.

Wow, it’s a backyard paradise. This is exactly what I imagine when I look through fruit tree catalogs. Maybe the fence is a good thing, because when those trees are grown up and full of fruit, it might otherwise be hard to keep people out! I like your bonus dog, too.

If they did that to me I would set them off just to piss them off.

IL, these cinder block walls are constructed by the builders of the housing developments, and are all to city code. Some cities here will not allow cinder block I am sure, but many of the sprawling suburban cities in the S. California counties have these cinder block walls dividing up the lots in these housing developments. A very common building product used from the 1950’s through to about the 1980’s or so. In think they’re falling out of favor to some degree, but S. California went through an enormous build-up post WWII, and this is the result of much of that. You can drive for miles in certain cities here in S. California and be surrounded by cinder block walls.

Great looking trees and grafting successes! Congratulations!

Nice orchard! Tall cinder block walls are the best thing for excellent neighbor relations. :point_up:

Beautiful trees and grafts Goyo. I know you are anticipating some good eats in the future months. How do those Minnie Royal Cherries taste? Athough my closest neighbors are pretty cool, we all have wooden fences surrounding our property as this is a major contributor help maintain friendly neighbors! Great Going Goyo!

Hi, Patty, Thanks for expanding my knowledge. I mostly stayed east and midwest, see very few walls like this. occasionally see a big house was surround by wall but I think mostly in front, not at the back, not as tall either. Usually the owner of big house owns few acres of surrounding land that he does not need to worry about the privacy issue in he back yard. Besides the privacy, does it serve another purpose of protecting the property in the yard, theft?

I know San Diego area house market is still blooming along with some cities in FL because of foreign investors like the weather there. It is good for you folks already have property there, it is not good for folks who want to buy a house. But money coming to this country is a good thing.

:laughing: :laughing:

Well, the San Diego housing market is not booming. We have very limited inventory, and the market is still in recovery from the drastic bottoming out of 2009.

As to why this particular building material was widely used as opposed to other fencing materials - probably economics and ease. First off, due to our very high land values, and an economic recession after WWII, these housing developments were built on very small lots, necessitating a fence in the first place. Cement is cheap. There were already cement and masonry plants in S. California in existence to make the cinder blocks. Also, we have a fair amount of termite activity in S. California, and wood fences that touch the ground can attract termites. Cinder block lasts forever, wooden fences fall apart after some years. That would be my guess for what its worth. The do make for some very nice radiant heat sources for plants that like it warm. And provide nice privacy.

Never tried minnie royal cherries. This is the first time the tree has carried fruit this long. I hope the fruit is set until maturity and my dog will keep the birds away.

Patty, I heard a lot of new constructions in that area to accommodate large demand from Asian immigrates. The house market is moving here in Chicago land but the price is not up much.