My blueberry plants made it

Looking earlier this spring, they look like they are not going to make it.
They are all alive and well. With all the advice I got, they should grow well this season. 4 feet possible? 7 below during winter!
Never worry so much for a plant! Crazy. Just don’t like failures.

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If they were highbush, it’s no surprise they made it. If they are rabbiteye, it’s good to know they took -7 in style.

Blue berries have been tough for me to grow. Two years in a raw. Not the freezing temps. It was mostly summer temps and lack of water that killed them I think.

I’ve been successfully growing blueberries in black nursery pots for more than 15 years. I do lose one now and then from lack of timely watering. (Over watering and poor drainage is a bigger issue…but not in my potted plants).

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