My burnt ridge honey jar has no fruitlets

Like i said…I got a honey jar this spring that was a nice-sized whip. It is currently like 4 feet tall and leafed out w several branches, some probably over 12 inches long. Bit has had flowers since may.

None have grown into anything, despite a LOT of ant attention.

Again this is the first year, but hundreds of flowers and it appears there will be no fruit this yr…should i be concerned?

Only in hot, sunny climates do jujubes fruit commonly in their first year. Honey Jar is one of the more precocious ones, but it can still take some time. Though years ago I got a few fruit from a new HJ graft.

Since then, I have planted quite a few Honey Jar (it is very tasty):
2 trees from this spring, no fruit
3 trees from last spring and one of them has fruit
1 tree from the spring before that (Burnt Ridge), which still doesn’t have any fruit

Also, do you have any other varieties nearby? I think HJ would benefit from pollination.

i see you’re at zone 5 @markalbob . I agree with @BobVance that it may be a while for your hj to build up reserves, and that other cultivars for pollination would optimize chances.
planting it where it gets the most sun would also be very important, since jujus tend to leaf out late and can’t get enough solar units. If possible, you could also trim nearby trees which might be casting shade on it.

We have a new yard and it’s sitting on the south side of the house so it’s pretty much in the sun the entire day and it’s sitting in a pot which should help with heat…I may just have to put a couple pollinizer branches on it, or co-opt a root sucker. More stuff to put in my trade list for next year…

Even in Dallas it’s not unusual to get a few flowers but no fruit year 1. Happens to me maybe 50% of the time. But year 2 I always get fruit.

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