My crammed garden…

This is going to be a garden crammed with way too much stuff. Right now every inch is spoken for.
After 5 warnings of large hail, which never happened, cold fronts during this spring which did not do any damaged. I wonder what harvest this garden bring.


@aap — looks great.

Everyone should have a chair in their garden/orchard… but I don’t. I need to fix that.

I do have 4 apple grafts and several fig cuttings on my back porch picknick table… and we ate dinner out there last night… I feel right at home with garden stuff.

Good Luck to you this year… hope your harvest is abundant !


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Looks like you could get some fruit, but never count your chickens before they hatch.


That is why I got rid of my chicken. None of the eggs hatched in 4 years.

You needed a rooster.


The farmer who sold me the chickens said they were a special breed that we preinseminated for the life of the bird. I got rid of them anyway. I am done with animals.

And I’ve got a bridge I can sell you.

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Lot no 2,Crammed also, figs, lots of Asian/ Native persimmon, lots of paw paws. Can you see any of them , they go all the to the waterline and more.


Steve, you should have cook them so that you if they taste different.

I still see grass, not that crammed.

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You definitely need to fix that. I don’t have a chair but I have a piece of log that’s about chair height and diameter is just enough to hold a somewhat large behind… it works just as well as a chair… definitely need something when you do your planning there…


Love your lot no 2. Beautiful!

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i got those cheap plastic chairs strewn throughout my plantings. forest green so they blend in. theyre handy for pruning or picking the bush fruit or to take 5 when its hot out. i like to sit in them this time of year to see what pollinators are around. many queen bumbles on the honeyberries and cherries right now. seen some a inch long yesterday. my wife refuses to go out there because shes terrified of anything that flies.

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Boating/fishing just as much fun as picking fruits of your labor. My neighbor brought me back a truckload of mulch for some crappies next time I go fishing.
Gave them some sometime ago, they want more. Good deal.


nice slabs! love fishing them during the spawn. fun on the u.l!

TNHUNTER, I am guessing, in the last 2 years you have grown to a humongous garden center, I envy how you use your property. Is a large tractor with different equipment (backhoe) in the works?, for your new acreage?