My favorite sprayer "Iva"

Hello Everyone. I have had a few questions within threads about my sprayer. I just thought I would make a new post about it. For years I was using a 25 Gallon tow behind fimco sprayer. It was electric and connected to my tractor battery.he
It was terrible. The motor blew its fuse all the time. The gun crapped out all the time.
It took forever to spay my trees. I also used a backup sprayer at times. As I got more and more trees I realized I needed a better sprayer. I looked at the rears sprayer but there were no dealers near me, The rears was also more than I wanted to spend.
I found a company called Iva manufacturing and spoke with them a few times before deciding to purchase. They were very helpful. The cost was $2200 with shipping.
What used to be a chore is now a pleasure.