My first grafting at three weeks

I’ve already received advice from some of you about this but just wanted to show my photos. These are just practice grafts done by cutting scion from wild mulberry and grafting back to these same trees several weeks later. Now that I’ve done this I would like to really do something that counts but guess I’ll be waiting till next year. Sigh… anyway I’m very excited about these.

Side graft:

Cleft grafts:

Grafting tool with omega cut:



Congratulations! It’s a great feeling seeing your baby sprout and grow.

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Thanks…yes, it is!

Oh my now you are hooked. You will be looking at every fruit tree as a potential victim, or donor. LOL.


magical and fun, right? Congrats! :thumbsup:

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Awesome! I did most of mine too early, using unwrapped scions, and they dried out, lol. But the couple I did much later look good so far. It’s my first try too.

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