My garden is too Birdy

I’m just tired of those Desert Finches eating my fruit. They devoured my three dapple dandy pluots and my lonely Flavor Queen pluot. Luckly, I was able to cover my pluerries with newspaper and it seems to be working, well, they have managed to eat a few uncovered ones.

Sorry, weatherman :frowning: I feel you pain. Really I do. I resorted to screen mesh and stapled it over my two Dapple Dandy pluots, since these are my first fruits off my first grafted tree. I’ll be damned if I’m going to let birds or squirrels get to them. Same with my pluerries. First fruits this year. Not letting the birds have them. Fortunately, both of those trees are not in my walk & pick orchard, which is getting decimated no matter what I do.

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Yikes, that’s so awful. :unamused:

For some reason, the birds have left my fruits alone. I don’t have a clue which bird is what but a tiny black bird has set up a nest under the eaves right above my orchard. They hang out all day in that area and not a single peck so far. :relieved:

Maybe a Black Phoebe, they like to nest under eaves and eat insects not fruit.

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Oh, good guess, olreader. Bet it is. I love these birds. I have resident Black Phoebes that will sit on the edge of my swimming pool. They swoop down and pick of bugs from the surface of the water. They are indigenous in California, bleedingdirt. They have a white curved breast and a bit of a tufted crown. You can’t miss them because they say their name twice in a row, with an upward inflection, then downward inflection: Phoe-BEE? Phoe-bee. Over and over, again. Very cute call and very cute and acrobatic bird:


That is an awesome website for birds, complete with call sounds! Thanks for that…next time I’m cursing one for stealing my fruit at least I’ll know what species to be mad at!

Yes, yes, yes, that’s the bird! Thx guys!!

You’re welcome, Kevin. Another fantastic web site for birds is Audubon’s Guide to North American Birds. Here is their page on the Black Phoebe:

One of the best apps for birding is iBird Ultimate, if you’re into birding.

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Net your trees, even if they are very small. Birds are very sneaky.

I agree, Mrs. G. I feed birds (hubby loves them, and it gets him to have SOME interest in the yard) and they DO thankfully control a ton of bugs for me, but they definitely have their own set of issues. That’s why I miss my wild chokecherries, the birds just adored the fruit in September and it was great distraction for them from my crops. But BK took them out.

Bye… bye…birds…no more free fruit for you!