My grafting progress

Here are shots of grafting so far. It’s been hard to find time between my new job and my toddler, but pears and apples are done! In a few weeks it’ll be time for persimmons. Need to get veggies planted soon and pot up paw paw seeds ASAP!

Potted young apples, pears, persimmons, and oaks (front to back).

Korean Giant cleft onto Summercrisp pushing growth.

Seckel and Korean Giant on Aronia pushing growth.

Pears are wrapping up bloom, hoping for my first decent harvest!


Oh dear, sounds like you got it bad. Turn back while there’s still time.

My condolences to your apple and pear widow, your only hope is to get her interested in pies and tarts.


You didn’t see the fig trees yet!


What is the final destination for these youngsters? Will you be planting them at home for your own use?

I have dreams of selling fruit trees someday. For now it’s mostly just to see if I can and maybe make a couple bucks. A few will be for keeping, but there are a lot of duplicates in there.

Glad to see them growing for you, Kelby. I would recommend trying a few in the ground instead of pots, and see the difference in root development after a year, or however long you plan to grow them in pots.

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Nice pics!

My buddy has a ‘Korean Giant’ that was in full bloom this week. It’s gotta be 18-20 feet tall. It’s quite stunning in bloom.


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Unfortunately, I don’t really have a good spot to grow them in ground. Much of what is/will be in pots are persimmons and pawpaws. If I do sell anything they should be easy to ship/transplant at any point.