My latest $8.98 addition!

So looks like the local Costco has some pretty healthy end of season citrus on the floor, and this was just too good a deal to pass up.

Can never have enough Limes, right? :seedling:


The tree is nice. The climate and space to grow it, priceless.


I have trouble passing up a bargain too! Unfortunately, too many of them end up costing me time and money as I try to make them work in a way that isn’t quite right for them …



Yeah, surprisingly Costco seems to get pretty good quality trees. At almost misprint like prices. This was about 25% of the price these are going for at even the big box store nurseries. We are looking at an early rainfall for here too by the weekend. So perfect time to get this little guy started :slight_smile:

Nice healthy little tree for end of season!

I’ve started bringing in ‘Bearss’ limes the last couple of days myself. ‘Bearss’ is a great producer of versatile and high-quality fruit. A real winner.

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Yeah I was surprised myself. Especially since Costco keeps them under those indoor lighting conditions for so long, and being crowded with so many other possibly diseased trees.

Looking forward to getting some limes from this one once it gets a little more mature. I have a little bigger Mexican Lime that is a little ahead of this one.