My montmorency finally woke up!

I was about to begin mourning that tree!

First of, I’m in Alaska matsu valley and things do start late here. Still, even after a reasonably mild winter and good spring everything seemed at least two weeks late. My apples are just in full bloom as we speak.

But this Monty? It just began swelling it’s buds two days ago! This morning I can finally confirm that it is alive and well.

Are Montys usually very late in the season to wake up? I don’t recall it doing this last year.


mine leafs out about a week after my Romeo does. Romeo is the last to bud out of the other 3 romance series i have so its pretty late. mine took cold damage on the N.W side of the tree from -40 a few winters ago so it looks a bit weird with the heaviest growth on the S.W side of the tree. the branches and trunk are oblong shaped from the tree trying to compensate for the damage yet it still bloomed and set about 50 cherries. i thought it was a gonner 2 springs ago as it didnt leaf out till’ mid June and only half the tree had leaves. its a survivor.

My romance leafed a while back and are already in full bloom. I’m excited because it took six years for my Juliet to finally have a full bloom. Until a few days ago I was concerned for it.

I got greedy with my prairie magic, one of my favorite apples that go biennial if you let it carry too many apples. Well I guess I did just that as this year it only pushed two flower clusters :confused: Oh well, I’m sure it can use the saved energy towards growth.

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Wow… I noticed a bit of bud movement on a Montmorency Cherry tree, a couple of Peach trees, and a few Blueberry bushes on 2/22 this year.

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Where I am on 2/22 the ground was frozen solid a good 4 feet down… Here May showers bring June flowers :slight_smile:


sometimes snow showers. :wink:

You got a late bloomer Montemorency

Mine is getting ready to bloom, but about 80% of it didn’t survive the winter.

That is weird. I have nasty valley winds most of the winter and the tree (finally) looks like it came through with flying colors.

Does that wall behind it gets hit by the sun? There is a chance that it may be interfering with dormancy if it keeps warming up the tree from solar radiation, specially if it is in sort of an alley that warms up during the day.

Yes, it’s on the sun side. When the snow melted and winter turned to spring the whole tree started budding and I thought it made it through without any damage, and then it just stopped and gave up. I was thinking of pruning all that off but then there won’t be much left.

This is rather interesting. As I said at the beginning of this thread it took forever for the tree to wake up (June 6th, late even by our standards) and now it is finally leafing out nicely but no blossoms at all, it decided to skip a year.

My guess is that the tree is still sorting out the local environment. We do have around 7 months of dormancy and weird light, that could be confusing to trees coming from the lower 48.

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