My mulberry and other fruits collection


You might wanna give them some more light?


Next mulberries on the list (arriving around September bare root)
. Illinois Everbearing
. Silk Hope
. Kokuso
. Gerardi Dwarf
. " Portugal" mulberry

. White Pakistan/Saharanpur

. And a few Pakistan hybrids


Well today i had time to go to a very special nursery 2h away. Its full of tropical/semi tropical/mediterranean and all type of plants, trees and fruit trees.
@Luisport i went to Viveiros do Lima!!!
It was amazing and thank god i took counted money, because i could easily buy everything there… lol
While there i saw some mulberries also, and some big nigras cultivar La Regina. I didnt buy those because i have 2 of those but they are tiny compared to the ones in the nursery… well next month ill be going there again to buy more trees and i might not resist and get a few more nigras.

Anyway this time i bought:
Grumixama - eugenia brasiliensis
Carissa macrocarpa
Jujuba - giant variety
Uva crispa - Hinnonmaki Red cultivar gooseberry
Paw paw Sunflower - asimina triloba
Cherry of Rio Grande - eugenia involucrata
Callicarpa americana

Ready to go… i"ll plant these tomorrow


Ill create a thread in the photo gallery showing some pics of the place and plants.
They have a lot of species and their cultivars. Really cool
Will need to go back next month to get a few different aracas varieties, longans, lichees, maybe more mulberries, dunno lol


Good luck to your new trees! :smiley:


Thanks Luis, i need it.
The place is really cool and the employee on site took more than an 1h with me showing me the place and plants.
There were a few more i wanted to bring but he said they would die in our winters: Jaca, Biriba, jaboticaba and others.


Jaca and biriba ok, but jaboticaba you can try, it’s very hardy and i have several on ground.


Really? he said it would die… lol
On the other hand he said i could try grumixama.but i remember you saying not. Lol.
I took middle risk and brought a small grumixama (cheaper), but if it survives it will take 5 years to fruit acording to him. Lol
Amazing place… will be creating a photo thread later.
Didnt even have time to see the citrus and outdoor plants (pears, figs, nectarines, apples, apricots, etc,).


No, he don’t have the right info… LOL! Grumixama is frost tender…


Ooops… what do i do with the grumixama?? Lol


Your neighbor across the Mediterranean can adopt it :smiley:




A candy store for fruit




Awesome thread and I really like all the mulberry pics. You’re curating a serious collection of mulberry trees. One of my all time favorite trees. I’ve been collecting cuttings from my travels, and growing out seedlings dropped off by birds. I have only one named cultivar that I bought. It’s a Pakistan… Also you have a really nice place.


She will not die compleatly, will resprout from roots every year… like mine.


Ill give extra fertilizer to push some growth


Hmmm… should i mulch these trees? With bark?


Aaand planted







RED GOOSEBERRY - and 3 morus nigras by their side


JUJUBE GIANT VARIETY - and a pakistan mulberry and a wellington mulberry behind

Also planted the seedlings (probably around 100 seedlings) of the kiwano seeds i germinated. Planted them along a hedge and a traditional portuguese irrigation water tank i have

I decided to mulch all my trees with pine bark. Half the trees done 300kg of mulch today. Still half to do
The pine bark i used its maritime pine bark, pinus pinaster


The scenery/ view from my farm. Beautiful horizon