My mulberry and other fruits collection


Not a bad idea, it will keep them moist, and keep some weeds away. I would though pull bark away from the base of the trees a little bit. Inch or more. It should not be touching the trees. You want to keep the living tree bark dry and no chance of staying moist.


Cool Drew, ill correct that. Thank you :slight_smile:


I guess because of possible infection, it’s what is suggested, although I don’t thoroughly understand why?


Makes sense if the woodchips are moist and always against the bark of the tree might cause rot
I"ll do what you suggest. Thank you.


i apply new mulch every spring. it beaks down to feed the plants, conserves water and keeps weeds out.


Today planted in my farm around 100 seedlings of papaya formosa (the big fruit one) and 100 seedlings of golden papaya (the smaller one)… has an experience… probably they all will die


You should start to pray… well i hope some survive… :grin:


Ahah I know Luis… i planted like 200…
If one of each survives im an happy guy


AND LUCKY! :laughing:




If you have success i will plant them here too!


I"ll keep you informed


So far the latest tropicals are fine… the most lively one being the atemoya… keeping my prays for the grumichama ahah
Still have like 50 seedlings of the madeira cherymoia to put on the ground next week… will pray for those ones too… ahah


You are crazy, but i wish you very lucky! I understand you… i already killed a lot od trees! :zipper_mouth_face:


So, today i was around the property checking the newly plantings, cutting some weeds and trying to decide what to do with the trees that were on the property before (planted by my grandparents possibly).
From those i would only keep the cherry tree, that was the original plan, because all others seem to be very poor at fruiting, or the trees are damaged.
Then i had a change of heart, i decided to try and save at least a few, giving them some fertilizer, mulching, watering, etc…i"ll see how they behave this and next year and if no good i"ll then either cut them down or use them for grafting.
I am quite new at this and some of the trees i cant identify them… would appreciate some help guys.
Here we go

Found an old, damaged, short loquat tree (see the damage on the trunk). Fertilizer and mulch on it

A pear tree… dunno if a cultivar, if an old seedling, no idea. Fertilizer and mulch

Another pear tree… different cultivar. Fertilizer and mulch

An apple tree i believe had an old tiny dried and rot fruit on it. Fertilizer and mulch

Another apple tree. Tiny only fruit… fertilizer and mulch

Right… no idea what this one is. Have no new or old fruits on the tree to help me identify it… and i have like 5 of these trees on the property. Help? Fertilizer and mulch on it

What about this one? Seems like it lost the main trunk and then got lateral growth. What is it? Fertilizer and mulch on it

And then i have like 30 of these ones spread through the property. Seedling of any kind? Thanks


One more bought today.
A Sapote.
No idea what type of Sapote it is. Any idea? A white sapote?


Hi! Yes it’s white sapote… it’s a good size plant.


And planted the white sapote

Also continued to save/rehab a few of the old trees on the property

And found what this is also - a quince / Cydonia oblonga. Isnt it?
Have several of these



(Notice one of my white fruits mulberry behind)

In the nursery i was in today they also has a nice sized Kaki/Persimmon at a good price. The variety was Rojo Brillante. Is it any good??


Interesting page about white sapote:


Thanks Luis, great information