My mulberry and other fruits collection


Hmm… i planted in half shade morning and half to full sun afternoon and between my cherry tree and a plum tree to try and protect it from the sun burn in the summers and winds and elements in the winter.
Did a similar thing with the grumichama… so far is looking good. Lets see if they dont die in the Outumn and Winter…


Regarding the quince trees ive found in the property lets see what can i do with the fruits… when i was a kid my mother and grandmother used quince to make marmelada and i HATE marmelade… lolol


White sapote is resistent and should survive, but grumixama… start to pray!


That’s what we do in Portugal… Marmelada! LOL


I haaaaaate marmelada… ahah


Can i graft anything else in the quince trees??? They are big beautiful trees. Would be a pity to cut them down…


Yes i think so… like apples i think…


You can use them in soup in moderate quantities, meat roast, several desserts… check out on google!


I will thanks… but marmelade NOOOO ahah


Quince can be used as a dwarfing root stock for Pears and


Thanks! I"ll look into that


I have never heard of Quince being apple compatible. Pears and Loquats yes.


Oh my bad! I thought they are…


Also medlars. By the way @Carld that tree with broken main trunk is walnut.


My Madeira Cherimoya seedlings have all sprouted… i must have around 30 lol. Gonna plant most tomorrow directly on the ground in the property and maybe keep 3 in pots at home as a backup. Drip irrigation on them? Or no need?
@Luisport all the papayas seedlings in the ground still alive :slight_smile:


That’s great! But the problem is the winter… i have babacos on ground too, so we are on same boat! :sweat_smile:


I"ll pray we have a mild winter!! Lool


All 30 cherimoya seedlings planted in the ground and 6 kept as a backup in pots at shadow for now


@Luisport how is your watering system for so many trees? I’m struggling to water all my trees now. Lol.
I think i am gonna fill the traditional water tank on my property (its currently empty) and then set a hose (mangeira) to reach all my trees.
Also how often do you water them now in the summer?
My trees are all very thirsty with this weather even more because they were recently transplanted from pots.
Currently i need like 3h to water them with simple 5l bottles… i am exhausted… lol


LOL! I do it by my self… not on the oldest trees, just on yougest or the varieties that nead more water… but i dream with the day i can just turn the water on… :grin: