My mulberry and other fruits collection


I understand what u mean… my back is killing me… lol.
Do you think once the roots system from pots to the ground are established i wont need to water so often?
So far the ones i feel are more thirsty are:
. The feijoas (they ALL dried off and i thought they were dead, but now they all are pushing new leaves :slight_smile: )
. The aracas, they also dried out but are now pushing new leaves
. The goiaba
. The big cherimoya (currently flowering)
. The atemoya (also flowering)
. The grumixama

Not sure if the uvaia and cherry of Rio Grande also need a lot of water, they are from the Brazilian Sertão right?

Anyway i live 1h away from the property. I cant possibly go there everyday to water them. I am trying to go once or twice a week. Hope thats enough, but i am scared once the temperatures reach over 30C


Depends on temperature… i used to do it on intercalated days, but on hot days i do it every day.


Everyday is impossible for me :frowning:
I"ll try my best to go there 2x a week
No need for gym currently lol


2x a week is too short on hot +30C days…


I"ll try 3x a week…


30C here today… i"ll try to water 2x a week.
I checked my inground cherimoya seedlings, they look ok

Also rooting a few more shangri la mulberry cuttings. My trees were to bushy near the ground and i took all those branches off and took the oportunity to try and root them. Lets see if they take, these 2 trees were from rooted cuttings so i think i"ll get a few more


My oscar mulberry cuttings seem to be fine, hopefully developing new roots by now


My potted cherimoya seedlings back up seem fine also


Been to the property watering and took a pic of some of my trees.

Shangri la mulberry

Pakistan mulberry

Gelso Rosso/red mulberry

Gelso Bianco/white mulberry and white fruits variety

The old damaged loquat in the property responding to the regular watering, mulch and fertilizer

Tamarilho/tomato tree

Cherry of Rio Grande




Grumichama and new growth

The feijoas that dried completely are now pushing new growth

And the aracas that also dried completely have new growth, yellow and red aracas


@Luisport if my shangri la mulberry cuttings take i dont mind giving u one if you want, i"ll have plenty shangri las lol


Ok it will be great! I can give you some of my goumi… :smiley:


Hopefully in a few years all of your trees will be loaded with fruits.


Hopefully Tony :slight_smile:


I put some seeds to germinate 2 weeks ago and they sprouted already. Gonna transfer them to pots in the property at shadow for them to start climatize


Tamarilho/tomato tree

Goiaba/true guava/red pulp


All potted and in a shadow spot in the property…


Formosa papayas and golden papayas new seedlings

The cherimoyas are loving this spot

Also some loquat seedlings - the seeds have biiig roots but they have yet break the surface - in the back kiwano melon

Goiaba/true guava seedlings

The shangri la mulberry cuttings seem fine also


New aquisitions, 3 fig varieties
From left to right
. São João Fig
. Pingo de Mel fig
. Capa Rota fig


Figs planted

Pingo de Mel

São João

Capa Rota

Also the Pakistan Mulberry seems to be really thriving, lots of new growth, hopefully next season ill have lots of big mulberries


@Luisport the Shangri La mulberry cuttings i am rooting are looking fine so far, i think i"ll have a few plants for you for sure, dont need more 10 shangri la mulberrires ahah

Also the seeds i planted seem to be growing fine, we’ll see if they survive the winter outside

Curuba - Banana passionfruit

Tamarillo/tomato tree

Red fleshed goiaba / psidium guajava

All cherimoya seedlings both in ground and in pots are fine also. Will see what happens after this summer and winter, hopefully a few survivers


Hi! Hello my friend! Great trees to plant! That shangri la is black or white? I just nead one…
Thank you very much! :smiley:


Black fruits. Check the link