My mulberry and other fruits collection


They are great! :yum:




Some pics and updates of the trees

White sapote, it lost all its leaves once planted, new growth now

The yellow aracas planted this year are starting to fruit

Cherimoya looking good and thirsty lol

Atemoya tree planted this year and in the background in the pots the Madeira Cherimoya seedlings


Loquat seedlings in pots, also feijoa seedlings in 2 pots

Loquat recovered tree (was almost cutting this one down, but it reacted to the fertilizer and mulch)

And this year planted loquat

Sunflower paw paw - struggling a bit, planted this year

Shangri la mulberry tree number 1 - planted this year in the ground, rooted cutting from 3 years ago

Not sure if i should cut the 2nd smaller branch behind… big leaves

Shangri la mulberry tree number 2 - planted this year in the ground, rooted cutting from 3 years ago

Pakistan mulberry, put on the ground this year

Oscar mulberry, put on the ground this year, from rooted cutting 2 years ago

Weeping fruiting mulberry/pendula

Morus rossa

White fruiting mulberry cultivar

Black fruiting mulberry portuguese cultivar

2 morus nigras - english and german cultivars

Tamarillo tree - flowering and fruiting

Cherry of Rio Grande


Well it wasnt in my plans i promise… i went to a garden centre to buy a bit of fertilizer and couldnt resist to bring with me this big feijoa that was in the clearance section… lol… 2.20meters high at a good price

Just planted it in my feijoa hedge space… :slight_smile:


6 feijoas plants in this hedge :slight_smile:

And my little feijoa seedlings (original fruit from Colombia)


My other seedlings seem to be doing fine also.

Several loquat seedlings- original fruits Algar variety
When the weather cools down a bit i will put each one in individual pots

Madeira cherimoya seedlings in pots

Have a few in the ground directly

Spanish cherimoya seedlings

Tamarillo seedlings

Curuba seedlings/banana passionfruit

Red fleshed goyaba seedlings


Update on my shangri la mulberry trees, decided not to cut the 2nd trunk :slight_smile:

Shangri la 1

Shangri la 2

And the cuttings from the trim a few weeks ago seem fine


Pakistan Mulberry thriving with the heat wave… seems to love it




Tamarillo tree and fruitlets

And scratching my head how to fix the traditional water tank in my property… apparentely is leaking water and had a few quotes for repair and are asking 5.000 euros!!!
Need to find a solution as i have been watering all this with buckets!!!


I recommend Thoroseal, a cement-based waterproofing slurry. Used it when I built my koi pond in 1992, still water-tight!!!




I will check it


So, today i went to check the seedlings, some of them was time either to transplant to individual pots or take the risk and put them on the ground as the weather as cooled down

. TAMARILLOS - i sowed to many seeds into this large pot, its overflowing now!!! I took the bigger ones, like 20 and put them on the ground, must have like over 100 left in the pot. Lol

. FEIJOA - all seems well

. LOQUATS - some are already quite big with good root system, put them all in individual pots for now, must 50 other, need to think what to do with so many seedlings

. RED FLESHED GOYABA - lets see if they survive until next season

. CURUBA - loads of seedlings

. And finally i checked the shangri la mulberry cuttings, they seem well, hopefully they are rooted. Will stay in pots until next spring


I think its fair to assume that my shangri la mulberry cuttings have rooted! I have roots coming through the pots… :slightly_smiling_face:
10 extra trees :slight_smile:


Ok, ive transferred the shangri las cuttings to individual pots now… 10 out of 10!! They all rooted…
Staying in pots for now until i decide the final location in ground

@Luisport one of these is for you. I"ll take it home and prepare the packing. Will try my best to arrive by you safe. PM me your address.
I"ll give you this one, easier to ship. Any problems get in touch

In the meanwhile i bought some cuttings of a turkish beautiful pink mulberry, waiting for them to arrive and hoping i get lucky rooting them as these ones. Mulberries are either easy to root (shangri la, oscar) or really difficult (nigras, pakistans, white pakistans) for me
Turkish pink mulberry


@Luisport your package is ready :slight_smile:


Thank’s a lot my friend! :blush:


Ive just sent it through registered express mail!! Should arrive in 1 day!! I"ll PM you the tracking number.


I sent you a PM
Thank you very much!


Thank you! I had the same experience with rooting success. I wish there was a resource where I could check the variety before I purchase cuttings. The Pakistanis never rooted for me, thanks to @Livinginawe I can confirm that Shangri LA/Mai #60 and World’s Best all root well. Besides Oscar, can anyone suggest other easy rooting varieties?


Would love to get my hands on Mai #60 and World’s Best, unfortunately Bryce declined to post to the EU