My mulberry and other fruits collection


Ok i was a bit worried… that’s great! :smiley:

Thank you very much my friend! :blush:


@Luisport hows the shangri la doing?
My rooted cuttings have lost their leaves now… hope they.wake for the spring.
The established trees still have their leaves


It’s very well, still with leaves. But the stablished leaves already lost the leaves.


New border collie puppy also giving me some work :slight_smile:
Got 2 now, a 3 year old girl and a 8 week girl :slight_smile:

Christmas spirit


Your dogs are sooo cute! Congratulations! :smile:


Thanks my friend! I love them :slight_smile:


They give a lot of work but they are great! :wink:


They are a fantastic company and sooooo smart. Its amazing


Your inga vulpina from seedlings @Luisport


That’s great! It seems you will have some healthy plants… :blush:


A few takers and a few non takers :slight_smile:


Browsing around a garden center and i couldnt resist to 2 more mulberry trees.
A white mulberry and a so called morus nigra …
Pretty sure its not a nigra because i have lots of nigras… pretty sure its a morus hibrid or alba with black fruits but given how cheap they were i bought these lol

The white mulberry

The so called nigra… a black fruit morus alba or hibrid for sure


And planted them

And planted a european strawberry tree also/medronheiro


Wow Carld,

what will you possibly do with all that fruit once your trees come into bearing?

As you already suspected the last shown “morus nigra” is not a nigra. The picture on the label shows a true nigra, the tree itself is not.



Yeah, i knew that ahah… couldnt resist to buy it though ahah… in a few days i"ll be expecting 15 more mulberry cultivars in the post though… lol
Here s the list
. Sharanpur mulberry / white pakistan mulberry… FINALLY i get this one!!! Yeeeeah
. Another normal pakistan mulberry (already got 2 of these)
. A clone/new pakistan variety supposingly more cold hardy
. Gerardi dwarf- finally i get this one also
. A Portugal mulberry - huge fruits this one
. Illinois everbearing
. Lavendel
. Sugar cube
. Black italian
. Boninensis
. Nigra aalst

And a few days after should receive
. Mulberry bistrica
. Mulberry Moldova pink
. Black Prince
. Collier

This last year with all trees and fruits planted allowed me to see what in true reality is viable on my property…
Unfortunelly now during the winter some of my tropical or semi tropical trees have died and i wont be trying them again
. Atemoya - fully dead, doubt it will resprout in the spring
. Cherimoya - almost dead also…

Others seem to be thriving even in this cold weather and last month storms
. White sapote - really lush leaves unaffected at all
. Aracas/pinneaple guavas - thriving

Others are so so…
. Grumichama- still alive surprisingly but not looking healthy
. Cherry of Rio grande - so so also
. Uvaia - so so also

Most mulberries are now totally in hibernation, without leaves, pakistan mulberry and shangri la now loosing the last leaves (these ones are the last loosing the leaves and the first waking up as soon as the weather warms a bit)


And first batch of my new mulberry trees have arrived :slight_smile:
Gonna start planting them tomorrow




Let the planting beggin

From left to the right my new mulberries
. Geradi dwarf
. Portugal
. Lavendel
. Sugar cube
. Illinois everbearing
. Boninensis
. Pakistan
. Clone 10 - an hardy pakistan
. Nigra aalst
. Black italian
. Saharanpur/white pakistani


What are you going to do with all the berries and your large collection of fruits?


No idea Tony ahah