My mulberry and other fruits collection


You should dry it or make mulberry wine! :yum:


Stage 1, weeding some spots full of brambles to put some of the trees…


LOL! Tens que acabar com essas silvas! :laughing:
Tenho o mesmo problema…


And start planting

. Saharanpur/white pakistan mulberry

. pakistan mulberry

. Boninensis

. Illinois Everbearing

. Clone 10/macroura hibrid/pakistan type

. Sugar cube

. Lavendel

. Nigra aalst (next to a few of my other nigras)

. Gerardi Dwarf

. Black Italian

. Portugal


Early january and some of my mulberries planted last year are trying to break the bud already…
Madeira, shangri la, pakistan

And from the new trees today i can see that some will be trying to break the bud early too…
. Boninensis, new pakistan, clone 10, saharanpur, Portugal.
Hoping for no hard freezes until march or little die back only


Our M. nigra has yet to go dormant.


All my nigras are fully dormant and usually are the last one waking up in the spring, last year it took ages for them to wake up and i had to scratch some wood to check for green colour to be sure they were alive lol.
Its a smart tree, really knows the right seasons here in Europe, doesnt get fooled by some hot spells in the late winter. Lol


Interesting, mine are sprouting since last month!


Really Luis? Lol! We are so close but seem to have different climate (we are maybe 100-150 miles away from each other). Portugal is interesting, small country and so many microclimates from north to south, not mentioning the islands :slight_smile:
Maybe you have a nice microclimate in your area. You are so sucessful with semi tropicals and tropical plants.
This year i wont buy more tropicals or semi tropicals, they dont look good :frowning:
Uvaia, grumichama, cherry of rio grande are barely alive.
Atemoya and cherimoyas seem dead :frowning:
Tropical guava/ Psidium guajava barely alive also
Tamarillo trees broke some branches with the storms but still alive.

On the other hand all araças are fine (Psidium cattleyanum), yellow and red are thriving.
White sapote is thriving also :slight_smile:

And ofcourse i have all my mulberries :slight_smile:
Hoping for a lot of growth this season and some fruit from the trees planted last year :slight_smile:


Uvaia should resiste better… this year is so far the less cold here… lets see what we will get. The temp varies a lot from place to place and the frost formation too…


To be honest my uvaia barely developed last year, almost no growth… and now is looking almost dead
Even grumichama looks better than uvaia lol
Maybe its the spot i put them…
Where is your uvaia planted? Is it protected? Full sun?
Not sure if i shouldnt be transplanting them to another spot


You should wait for spring to see what happens… maby she is just adapting.


True… they are not dead yet… maybe they adapt this 2nd season

But i"ll stick to my promise, i"ll try to resist buying more unusual, tropical/semi tropicals this year… i"ll try… lol


It’s an adiction… i know what it is… :pensive:


Ahah tell me about it…
Still looking for more mulberry cultivars…

Now I really want a source for the himalayan mulberry, looks like a pakistan but narrow, longer and reddish



The “himalayan” specimens acquired by the USDA are from the southern steppes of the range, elevation up to 2km but low temperatures rarely below -5C due to latitude.


Should work ok here in Portugal, our winters were i am located rarely go around -5 celsius, summers around 30-35c, springs around 20-25 celsius
Even now its cold at night time but during the day around 12-15 celsius

Would love to get one, anyone has any source in Europe?


Were you able to find it in the US?


The 3 accessions at NCGR Davis are long on length and short on flavor for my tastes. They no longer distribute cuttings to the public. These accessions are kept for germplasm preservation and breeding programs.


3 more today…
. Mespilus germanica
. Another one of those false morus nigra - just curious about it lol
. Black barjacota fig