My mulberry and other fruits collection



That looks so nice,a person could soak in it on a hot


The only mulberry cultivar that I have (almost) not been able to propagate by some sort of cutting is the ‘King White Shahtoot’. After attempting over fifty hardwood, semi-hardwood, and softwood cuttings, at different times of the year, I only had one success (a semi-hardwood). Even with air-layers, only about one out of six will take. I have been contemplating a micropropagation technique that was developed by the Sericulture industry to propagate the ‘King White Shahtoot’ (because they recognize the extreme difficulty in rooting cuttings): “EFFICIENT MICROPROPAGATION AND ROOTING OF KING WHITE MULBERRY (MORUS MACROURA Miq.) VAR. LAEVIGATA FROM NODAL EXPLANTS OF MATURE TREE”


I tried to propagate it by cuttings several times also. All failed. Lol.
Might try airlayers next year


put some fish in there. they will ‘‘fertilize’’ the water for you. :wink:


Grafting it did not work either?


‘King White Shahtoot’ grafts just fine…I just always try to get mulberries on their own roots.


@moose71 that’s a great idea:)


@Livinginawe yeah me too. I am trying to get my grafted cultivars on their own roots through airlayering. In a couple of weeks I’ll check if I was successful with some Pakistan airlayers


And they will eat all the mosquito eggs and larvae!

Thanks for all the progress updated carld love seeing it.


Just put a 50 m hose in my water tank. No more buckets


I’ve heard mosquito fish are great for eating fly larve and can stand high temps and low O2. like mollies. they also breed like crazy. they’re in the same family :wink:


Mosquito fish, not sure we have that here in Europe


mollies would do also if thats easier to get.


Mollies seem to be native to America’s but popular in the fish keeping community. I’ll check in some aqua stores. Lol
What about some catfish?


they would work too but may quickly outgrow your tank. plus is you could eat them when they get too big. they are also messy eaters and foul the water pretty bad… if you had a live bait trap you also could catch native minnows from local waters for free. :wink:


Its like the natural order of things had everything worked out already :thinking:

Go with betta or goldfish / koi over catfish for mosquitos i would think but i also like moose’s idea. You may need to put some window screen to stop animals eating the fish or give them a rock to hide under in there, maybe some tourmaline for the water?


My Pakistan Mulberry is on the 2nd fruiting. Airlayers still in place, will remove them in 2 weeks



White pakistan / Saharanpur local / king white shatoot Mulberry tree number 1:

White pakistan / Saharanpur local / king white shatoot Mulberry tree number 2, more like a bush form:


Illinois everbearing tree n. 1:

Illinois Everbearing tree n. 2