My mulberry collection


One more day planting
4 Madeira mulberries
1 pepino melon/andine melon
1 fuzzy kiwi “hayward”
2 hardy kiwis issai
3 pitangas/surinam cherry/brazilian cherries from Madeira island
1 passion fruit
1 blueberry “goldtraube”


4x Madeira mulberries

Pepine melon/andine melon

Fuzzy kiwi “hayward”

2x Hardy kiwi issai


Blueberry “goldtraube”

4x Pitangueira/surinam cherry/brazilian cherry


New aquisitions today
Brazil tree tomato/tamarillo, physalis, another pitanga/suriname cherry but big tree/bush, another alpine melon, kens red hardy kiwi


All I can say is that is one hell of a view…


And planted


In a few years you will have fresh fruits up to your ears :blush:




Just an FYI, Blueberries need mates from a different blueberry that blooms at the same time. They also need acid soil so add sulfur.


Ok, couldnt resist, one more tree/bush to plant.
Feijoa, good size plant.




I only tasted a white dried bulberry in a package at the store. It was so overly sweet without any sour or special flavor, and seedy. It made me not want to grow any.

I assume other varieties taste better or you would not be imtetested!


You need to taste persian mulberries…