My mystery pear

Moved into my property and found two pear trees in the back along with many other fruiting trees. One was bearing fruit, not pruned in over a decade and being overtaken by shrubs. Last year I tore everything out around it in spring and pruned it heavy in the late winter,the tree had to be 25 ft +. This year I have neglected this tree and been focusing on my apple and blueberry more and been have irrigation issues. This tree got only water by the rain and no insects attacked it like my other trees. It beared a lot of fruit for the 3rd year in a row, like many other old trees on my property I would to identify it. I am in 7a ,


That dog really wants to try one. :slightly_smiling_face:

They each got one and loved them, I picked them mostly for them, the deer and inspects were starting to get to the fruit


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Oh, there IS a second nose up there! :laughing: I missed that.

Better picture of a fruit I left on the tree longer


I believe it’s a Kieffer pear

The fruit appears to be improved kieffer which ripens a few weeks prior to kieffer. They look the same in every other way. The fruit once brought inside will take a month or longer to turn yellow. The fruit should be picked off the tree once it passes the tilt test. The improved kieffer is much more acidic than traditional kieffer.