My Orchard Today July 2020

‘Chuchupaka’ persimmon. Grew from (1) bud this Spring. 2-year rootstock. @Ruben

Walking onions breaking thru. planted a month ago.

‘JT-02’ persimmon ‘Mikkusu’

‘JT-02’ persimmon ‘Mikkusu’

‘I-94’ persimmon

‘100-46’ persimmon ‘Lehman’s Delight’

‘Potomac’ pear

‘Seiru’ pear

‘100-42’ persimmon

‘Yates’ persimmon

‘Warren’ pear

pawpaw plantings of improved seed from @Lucky_P

pawpaw plantings again of improved seed

‘Deer Magnet’ persimmon

My Nursery, today.

seedling pawpaw 1-year old and a few months no shade cloth needed

seedling pawpaw 1-year old and a few months no shade cloth needed

an “F2 Morris Burton sdlg. persimmon” from Lehman’s Orchard; most vigorous of 50 seedlings



Looking great Dax. My 100 42 from you just started growing like mad this past week or so. Will you have a JT 02 for sale next spring?


Thank you, Jim. Not many, no. Some, yeah.


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If I were to have that much space, I would have plant hundreds!!!
Nice job you have done there.


I know, ha. Everybody has their “limit” when it comes to space! :grin:

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I saw the picts. where it was empty space. That’s a lot of new recruits, but I see room for plenty more. Send me a note when the store opens.

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Wow Dax you have a lots of newly added persimmon varieties! Nice really nice👍🏻 And all the pawpaws as well.

Did you grafted your own or did you got plants from somewhere else?


Dax that is gorgeous. The land, and the amazing care and detail you have taken. Its all just great! You have plenty of room!!!


Hello @Ruben that’s all stuff I grew/propagated. There’s more in there. Quite a lot more trees… I didn’t photograph them though.



I didn’t know you sell plants? Good to know if you do, I might get some from you in the future. I grafted a few persimmons this year but all fail I think my rootstock had some to do with the failure.

Well all the ones you photographed looks great and your yard as well. I knew it’s got to be more than what you show us. Lol


Looking great, Dax! And nice to see that cat on the prowl too.


Looks good. But, don’t know if I’d ever plant something called “Deer Magnet”. :grin: Good thing you have it caged up.

Have you planted out any pecans?

You Lehman’s Delight cat looks like ours.


Cat’s are not like dogs. I’ve always been a dog person but I do love my cat and it’s she and me now.

I’ll have to go get some fresh pictures but I’ve planted out: (3) Hark, (1) Mullahy, (1) Kanza, (1) Guston - a seedling of Major; ahhh, that about is the pecans. I’ve staked places where scionwood pecan trees will be planted. Got a couple hicans; 8 or so hickories, I think. My photos are outdated so I’ll get back on that.

You know I like cats but I don’t understand why mine runs to the screen door and then I open it and it sits down instead of going outside. Things like that, lol. I always knows what dogs are thinking.



Well, good luck with your pecans. How long does it take a typical persimmon tree to start fruiting?

Ours (about 1 1/2 years old) are outside cats, but we let them in once in a while. A lot of times, while they’re out on the deck, they will lay right up next to the door, and won’t move when you want to open it. So, they just lay there and get pushed out of the way by the door, still laying down. Talk about lazy. Or onery.

Then they get up and follow you wherever you walk and always seem to cross in front of you and try to get on your opposite foot from where you’re walking. Guess it’s in cat’s DNA to try to trip you.


That’s so funny, thanks, Bob. So true and worth a great chuckle.


‘H-118’ persimmon ‘Early Jewel’

‘Drippin’ Honey’ pear

‘H-63A’ persimmon

‘Dr. Kazas’ persimmon dead at Tony’s in Omaha NE. at -22 I think? Tony, please?

‘Harrow Sweet’ pear

“Small Yellow Pear”

‘Harrow Delight’ pear

Awesome bark or Fall color. Beautiful tree: Acer triflorum zone 4 hardy

A nitrogen fixing legume from Europe but wild here that I’m letting go to seed as I have very little of it on my property: Birds-foot Trefoil

‘Mullahy’ pecan

‘Prince of Darkness’ beech

Cornus officinalis (fruiting dogwood with amazing bark)

‘Hark’ pecan first cage

‘Hark’ pecan (2nd of (3) specimens) first, right

that ‘Hark’ pecan

another, 3rd ‘Hark’ pecan. I keep cutting for scionwood. This should be 4-meters tall but it’s 2-meters, again. ‘Kanza’ to the left in front of.

“Grimo-5” hickory

‘December Red’ oak

‘Splash’ pluot

‘Grainger’ shagbark hickory

‘Fayette’ shellbark hickory

‘Underwood’ hican

Right to left: ‘Keystone’ shellbark hickory, “Small Yellow Pear” 5-6 meters, ‘Saturn’ peach 3 x 3 meters:

‘Johnson’ plum ‘Starking Delicious’

Dawn Redwood grove

‘Marquardt’ hican

‘Garretson’ persimmon

‘Longnecker’ shellbark hickory

‘T-92’ hican

‘Lake Icaria’ shagbark hickory

‘Pristine’ apple

‘Gold Rush’ apple

‘Selbhers’ shellbark hickory

Abies nordmanniana ‘Tortifolia’ (twisted foliage/stems Nordmann fir)


Nice going Dax!! Thanks for sharing!!!

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you must have really good soil. weeds like that around small trees here would stunt them permanently . i have to mulch or spend all summer plucking weeds.

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Looks like you have a good rabbit-hunting cat

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@moose71 Hey Moose, I’m not doing myself any favors not controlling the weeds but there are spots on my property where the soil is solid, dense, clay. Those apples on a hill are examples. They’ll need to get moved, obviously. Those are probably 6-years old.

Probably 90% of this place has good, water retentive, clay loam.

@ltilton Hi Lois, she’s as lazy (but getting older) as Bob’s cats above. She loves to sit on my deck at floor level and watch the birds at the feeder. I taught her to stop eating birds and chasing rabbits and everything, really. I told her it would be better to be friends than have them as food. I always said, your buddies “out there” will tell you when there’s an owl or hawk around. And since… as another side note, I’ve had wild rabbits and Squeaky sitting as close as 25’ I suppose from another. “Squeaky” is her name all sprawled out on the ground looking like she could pass out at any second. I one of those talking to birds nutty folks. I have friends at the feeder that allow me to get close, etc. etc. Have a good day.