My proprietary Chocolate Jewel is starting to bloom!

My Chocolate Jewel plum is starting to bloom! In comparasion to the seed parent, the flowers are light pink instead of white; The leaves, when they are young, are ruby red to cherry-firery-red, instead of green; The tree blooms three weeks later after its seed parent. In comparasion to the pollen parent, the leaves, when they mature, turn deep rich red-green instead of burgundy-red; one year old wood is burgundy instead of brown, turning red-brown after three years old.
The scionwood is compatible with burgundy plum. There is also a 50/50 chance that Stella cherry buds are compatible with this plum.

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so by proprietary you mean you already applied for patent before ever tasting fruit on it?

Not yet, I will probaby apply for a patent in about 6 years.

When you say there is a 50/50 chance it is compatible with Stella cherry…could you explain what you mean? I’m curious as to how you arrive at that figure. I find plant genetics fascinating, though confess I know less than I would like to.
I love these kind of posts…thanks for posting…and great photos!

I budded two stella cherry buds onto my plum and they are starting to swell. I budded them about two weeks ago.

Very cool!

My proprietary plumcot is starting to bloom. It is a cross between Krauter Vesuvious Myrobalan plum (seed parent) x F1 Moorpark apricot (pollen parent). In comparasion to its seed parent, the leaves are red-green instead of red; the leaves are ovobate instead of elliptical; the flowers are white-light-pink instead of deep pink; the flower stems are short instead of long.