My "Romance series" cherries


it’s still cheaper at Henry Fields because they offer free shipping. Unless shipping is less than 2 dollars at Gurneys? As the price at Henry F. is almost half, 2 dollars more than half. If you were to buy more items you may make out, but everything is half the price and it’s from the same place. They use the same photos even.

Oh now Henry Fields has 25% off, code is 0644482 The free postage was a better offer, depending on how much you’re ordering. For me it was better.


Hi Brad.
I just bough carmine jewel and Juliet sour cherry trees to plant. Can you update how are yours now? Do they ok and have fruit yet. Thank you Brady. Vincent.


Thank you so much for all information. I Just bought Juliet Cherry to plant. Don. Vincent.


Hi Vincent,
The Carmine Jewel has grown quite a bit since being planted about 2-3 years ago.
There were a few fruit last year that were picked off,still not quite ripe,before I had a chance to sample them.
This time there should be more.
Where did the Juliet come from?That looks like a sweet one. Brady

My Carmine Jewel today


Thank you for updating Brady, as long as they like the weather here I am happy. Last week I went to flower world nursery to looking for Japanese flower cherry for Buddhist Temple, i saw they have a few very good size Carmine Jewel cherry about 6 feet tall for only $40. I bought 1, but seem like the Juliet cheery tastes better therefore i got 1 Juliet from Wight’s Home & Garden in Lynnwood today.


Here the the picture my Carmine Jewel Cherry Brady.

Juliet Cherry

I forgot to tell you, it’s not on its own root. But the Juliet one does.


It doesn’t look like a Carmine Jewel, but maybe because it’s grafted?


You right because it looks like the tree not the bush. Drew. But it’s Carmine one.


Their is no tree only a dwarf bush. What does that tag say exactly?


The first Carmine Jewel I bought was pre-ordered from a local nursery and when picking the tree up,I saw they had grafted the thing to a Gisela root stock and looked kind of like Vincent’s picture.
I was a little peeved and didn’t know that was being done.I gave the tree to a friend and we planted the tree in his backyard.He has since moved to Idaho,so I’m uncertain of the condition. Brady


Day time on the weekend I will take a picture of its tag and let you see it,Drew.


Why don’t you like the grafted one ? I think it might control its growing size and suckers better ( like the bush). Brady?


Something does not add up here. Why would somebody waste a Gisela rootstock, when Carmine Jewel grows perfectly well on its own roots? Why would Carmine Jewel loose its bushy growth habit and develop like a tree after being grafted? It just feels dubious.


I never said I didn’t like it, I thought maybe it explains shape? The tag is more information, that will help me figure this out.[quote=“Stan, post:152, topic:1332”]
It just feels dubious.

Right, like multiplying two negatives you get a positive? My guess is this is something else not Carmine Jewel, not that anything is wrong with that!
I was thinking though grafting may be a way for quick propagation. A nursery could have one tree, and clone scion off it all day long.


I would like to ask this question to Brady, Andrew. He gave the grafted to his friend.


Here its tags.


The plant looked more like a tree and I wanted a bush shape. Brady


Thanks Vincent, With Brady’s response and the tag, wow, Guess it is a Carmine Jewel! Very interesting form. You learn something everyday! Wonder if it will make larger cherries? It looks like dwarf x dwarf equals standard! Wow! The tag says it will stay small, we will see…


Thank you Brady.